Algunas de las chicas de mi historia Moonlight Rhapsody.

Yvaine Raynott née Deveraux
flowers, pink, and sweet image art, pointe, and ballet image hair, girl, and blonde image blue, dress, and pastel image
Yvie. xxiv. ballerina. humana. The Perfectionist.
Ophélie Deveraux
fashion, jacket, and style image love image coffee, building, and city image fashion, jeans, and style image
Phélie. xxi. arquitecta. bruja ígnea. The Rebellious.
Persephone Ashworth
candy and yummy image game, couple, and monopoly image hair, girl, and pink image yellow image
Persie. xv. sophomore. humana. The Creative.
Phoebe Ashworth
girl, legs, and lips image boys, red, and lgbt image piano, music, and old image Image removed
Phoe. xviii. senior. bruja sanguínea. The lover.
Jade Raynott
flowers, vintage, and indie image fashion and style image boots and brown image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Jay. xv. sophomore. humana. The Tenacious.
Georgia Jarsdel
aesthetic, braid, and hair image book, vintage, and skirt image blue, necklace, and clock image autumn, fall, and style image
Gigi. xix. universitaria. bruja lumínica. The Sage.
Eire Jarsdel
autumn, converse, and fall image theme image aesthetic image red, flowers, and converse image
Eirie. xii. primaria. humana. The Innocent.