High school is a scary time. Everything is changing and even though four years may seem like forever it flies by in a whirl of crushes and dances, awkward hand holding and to end it all off prom which seems to be the big be all end all event of high school.

But where is the guide to help you get through it.

Even if you are in the process of going through high school take it from me, these tips are things I WISH I knew.

(I graduated high school in 2013 so I do have some experience hahaha)

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Tip #1- The people you went to grade school with will mostly become strangers

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This one is a downer but true. When we all got our schedules before our first day of grade 9 we took to Facebook to post what we all had
1st period- French
2nd period- computers
3rd period- gym
4th period – vocals

Comments came in from EVERYONE saying “oh I'm with you in French” or “dang I thought we would have math together. Lucky for me I mostly had classes with my grade school crew. By the second week of school, we started to pull apart and soon enough they were almost strangers.

Tip #2- You may even lose “close” friends

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In grade 9 I started off with a group of three other girls. Those were my girls, my crew. By grade 11 I had three girls again but two were new girls I made friends with along the way. In high school everyone is finding themselves and at the time I was angry, so angry cause why would they not be friends with anymore, was I so bad they didn't want to be around me. But looking back now I realize that they just found a group they liked or fit into more. It's not a crime its life.

Tip #3- Highschool boys are NOTHING

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If you are anything like me you think okay you're going to find the man of our dreams in the halls of your high school and fall in love and be together forever. Me, a hopeless romantic thought that was the way of life and it was like every single movie I had seen. Well, high school boys think they are the shit and most of the time don't know how to have a relationship. As do high school girls. We are all changing and trying to figure out who we are. Asking someone to love us at that time is almost impossible. Take the time to like yourself first before jumping into a relationship.

Tip #4- Focus on school, not relationships

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Like I said I was the girl that thought I was going to get a boyfriend in high school and that was it. We would get married and tell our kids we were high school sweethearts. In fact, I was so focused on that I really let my grades go. I mean I didn't focus on school AT ALL. My mom was cleaning out her filing system a couple weeks ago and gave me my report cards from high school. My grades were terrible. I just graduated college with honors and looking at my report cards from high school made me embarrassed. I was so focused on getting boys to like me I didn't see that I was actually really smart. I did enjoy college, I did, but because of how I was in high school my grades were not able to get me into a university. Please Please focus on school. The right person will come along.

Tip #5- Carry for other girls!!!!!!

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If you wear pads Great
If you wear tampons Great
If you wear anything else for a period cool beans
but please please please please carry for other girls. I wear pads but I still carry tampons in case a girl needs it because we have periods and its awkward and uncomfortable and to have another girl back is everything!!!! (Ps: no one cares if you choose pads over tampons, seriously.)

Tip#6- Dressing up for dances will be the most fun

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Don't shy away from going to a high school dance. Invite your girls over getting snacks and dress the heck up. It is your time.

Tip #7- Try new things

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High school is a time to find out who you are and who you want to be. Never be afraid to try something new. Safely. In grade 10 my English teacher noticed I was an amazing writer (thanks Mr. Digou) and told me I should be in academic English instead of applied (applied English is like basic English, no hamlet Macbeth etc...) at first I was like heck no. Then I thought about it and waited for grade 11 and signed myself up for academic English. Best decision I ever made. It was a challenge but a good challenge and I'm happy I tried it.

Tip #8- Don't be afraid to ask teachers for help

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Math is hard for me. Honestly, my brain just does not work in a math way (and please know if your brain is like that it is okay) so did I stay after class a lot and ask for help. I had to or I would fail. Seriously don't be afraid to ask for help because your grades matter and failing a class because you were too scared to ask for help is just not worth it.

Tip #9- Take pictures of everything.

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Every day is a new day and a new start and you are never able to redo a day twice. Go to dances, go to pep rallies and take pictures of everything. And don't just post them on your Instagram or snapchat story save them. Don't worry about the pictures being perfect either. Just have fun. You don't get a chance to do high school twice.

#10- Highschool is not like the movies, not at all.

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I left this point for last because it is the most important to me. High school is not like those teen dramas you see on MTV there is no group of mean girls who are there to make your life hell. And no one looks as old as they do on TV. Everyone is awkward and has acne and feels insecure and hates at least 5 things about themselves. Yes, even that boy you have been crushing on in Career class. People don't look perfect in school so don't worry about it so much. Have fun. You are only in grade 9,10,11 and 12 once.

also it's not like Highschool Musical at all which bummed me out!!!

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thanks for reading :)