I read this article and there are some things I don't agree with so here it goes...

#1 Don't belive every person that's nice to you.
It's true, not every person that smiles at you means they like you.

#2 Eat so you can live don't live to eat.
I don't agree with this but once I read the rest I understood her part and I do agree with that.

#3 Highschool it's a trap and a miracle.
Highschool is not a trap or anything like it, its a way to find yourself and try and be a good person. But don't try and be friends with everyone you used to ignore. You need to forgive yourself not the other way around.

#4 Boys are really just boys
They aren't, the "boys will be boys" is not right. And no just because they are 15 or 16 doesn't mean they are asshole and will get ur body and then leave. It's not most, its some, maybe 50|50 but not most.

#5 Fights with your parents
It's not true, some things I lived teaches me that not even blood can be trusted. and no you may not run away, I, for example, when I'm angry I need to isolate myself in my room. and if your parents did something really bad sure try to talk to them but if they still don't get it don't try again, like Selena Gomez said "I believe in second chances but not thirds".

#6 Remember to forget
I agree 100% agree with this, but forgive don't forget.

#7 Don't waste your time with wrong people
True true trueeeee

#8 If you can't be happy for your friend then you are not a good friend for him/her
That is very true. Of course you may wish what they want but without jealousy.

#9 Don't hurt people because others hurt you
True, yep, just because you are proud doesn't mean you have to hurt people, fix yourself first.

#10 Don't rush things
Yup, everything takes time. Relax.

#11 You will break up and still breath
It's true, you won't die and guess what you are 1 partner closer to your true love. But do eat that ice cream, do cry, do what romantic films, cuddle your pillow but don't spend to much time on that ut grieve love, grieve is important.

#12 You'll get drunk and so some shitty stuff
I agree but it is okay but be safe, always be safe.

#13 Meaningless kisses
It is bad if you catch feeling quickly of course but sometimes you kinda of need it to get away for a bit.

#14 Boys who are mean to you don't always are in love with you
Stop teaching girls that because boys are mean to them it means they like them. That sucks, its awful to think that guys actually think a girl will like them more if they are mean. Boys who are mean to you don't give them anything, if they were really in love they would some nice things and not be mean.

#15 Don't get a tattoo if you're not sure.
True, at least not for first one and do not tattoo names of partners or friends please, bad bad idea. I wanna get a peach tattoo just because.

#16 School comes first
Notttt trueeeee. You only live once so enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, education is very very important but for example don't lose a night of sleep to have 90% on a test.

#17 Pain sucks but you'll need to get through it
My period isn't like that so i will not talk about it but what I don't agree is when she said that one day you will give birth to a baby and you may or may not, you decide.

#18 Enjoy every single moment of your life
True, enjoy the good and the bad, the big and the small, all the opportunities, all the chances.

Just to be clear this is no hate I just wanted to give my side of things, it is a great article and I learned some things from it.