All pictures used are MY PICTURES OF MY BODY! I expect full credit on any photos of me that are reposted <3

I used to struggle with my body and my body image. Now I feel so comfortable with my body, enough to post about it on wheartit! Let me tell you how!!

abs, aesthetic, and Calvin Klein image abs, adidas, and beautiful image
Diet Don't twist my words!! Don't go on a diet!! Just eat healthy babes!! No meat, no dairy, lots of water, and minimal sugar. Don't cut carbs!!!
abs, adidas, and Calvin Klein image adidas, baby, and body image
Stomach To get a flat tummy and abs you need to get rid of fat. CRUNCHES WONT HELP WITH THAT. You need to do cardio first to clear the fat and then build your ab muscles!!
Mature image Mature image
Legs, Butt, and Hips To get curves, a thick butt and legs I do strength cardio like stair master to build muscle. I also do heavyweight squats and deadlifts.
abs, ass, and aesthetic image abs, ass, and adidas image
Confidence The most important part of looking good and being confident to post your body, is the confidence itself!! Fake it till you make it babes!!
abs, motivation, and aesthetic image abs, shirt, and adidas image
Take care of your body Take showers, brush your teeth, wash your hair once a week, eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, wake up early, be productive!! Smart is sexy!
adidas, hoodie, and makeup image adidas, aesthetic, and calvin image
Take care of your skin You can wear some makeup but always take it off before you sleep!

Here are some more pictures of my body for inspiration

abs, bikini, and body image abs, beach, and sexy image baddie image abs, beach, and fitspo image beauty, booty, and fitness image abs, blue, and body image aesthetic, fitness, and makeup image abs, boobs, and positive image abs, adidas, and beautiful image abs, adidas, and booty image

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