Yo so i have been less active bc i had exams and yeah the last week and it's hard... But it's almost done so im very happyyyyyyyy.
Let's start this and like i say in every single article, thank u guys 4 all this support that idk where it comes but thanks <3

p.d. in fact i found diferents tags i mean so i will pick every "question" (idk how to say it) of a couple so it'll more long cause u guys deserve it!!

·a shoe

Of course i'll be Vans or that boots that are like militar or i could even be fila or some nike air

Fila, girls, and aestetich image aesthetic, fashion, and nike image

·a moment

it will be a day that was last summer in the house of one of my friends that goes to my town only on holidays, so we were celebrating a friends birthday while we were eating doritos with cheese and playing poker and we had a lot of fun. One of my fav days ever.

cards and game image food, nachos, and cheese image

·a place

Of course it will be my sofa plus my closest friends and a movie.


I think happinnes cause lately i've been feeling very good tbh

·a song

Absolutely "Little Bit- Skate" cause it really says what i think. Life is a little bit of everything so yeah.

album, skate, and little bit image

·a book

idk tbh srry but i like a lot of books but i don't think they describe me, cause or girls are way too kind or they relinquish way too soon. Don't know...

·a season

summer goes with me

Mature image

·a view

i'm indecisive rn because the view of all of my friends spending time of quality always makes me happy but sitting in my terrace in a summer night and seeing the stars also makes me feel relaxed.

friends, rain, and happy image stars, sky, and blue image


it will be for being a good writter (gonna be posting some things of mine someday) or for being a good lawyer or even good dj. And yeah i like very different things but idc.


i'll be storms without dubting.

glow, night, and sky image


i think i'll be sunglasses cause i always put them on myself for not letting people see my eyes cause in my opinion they can say a lot of things. And because i can't look to the eyes of anyone while i'm speaking with them idk why... YEah it's strange i know

·a clothing

a bikini? Idk

·a drink

i'll say something legal + healthy. So water with lemon i like it a lot or homemade lemonade.

drink, lemonade, and summer image water, drink, and lemon image

·a color

red or black. Cause red for passion and black because it really matches very good with my carachter

·a moment of the day

Night or dusk, but i really love to see the dawn is very beautiful if u are in the correct place with the correct persons.

colors, dusk, and ocean image girl, friends, and night image

·a quote

black, black and white, and genious image neon, pink, and light image

Cause they say i can't but they don't really know anything and the second one cause i'm like this.

·an element

fire and autumn image

·an activity

love, couple, and boy image Image removed

sleeping and laughing counts? If not reading, watching series plus listening to music and partyyy.

·an emotion

happines, again lol.

·an object

goth image

a kinfe cause i can be very dangerous but just if u make me something bad.

·an animal

Image removed lion, animal, and nature image
a wolf or maybe a lion both of them dangerous but very beautiful.

·a body part


·date night

i will absolutely be a party or movie night. Very different i know

friends, girl, and party image Image by Miss_Feliz02

·a tv serie

the 100 or maybe "La Casa De Papel"

·a fictional character

Lexa or Octavia. Both describe me very good.

lexa and the 100 image the 100, marie avgeropoulos, and octavia image

·a dessert

dog, donuts, and pug image
donut of course

·a flower

rose, red, and flowers image
rose of course

·a scent

nature, forest, and river image
pine tree

·a superhero/heroine

Scarlett Johansson, black widow, and Marvel image
y'all know who she is <3

·a school subject

the free hour lol. i don't like any subject. oh no. maybe biology

·a fabric

idk maybe coton. when it is going to end? i want to eat popcorn and seeing marvel so leave me.

·a word


I'm going to end this rn cause the captain america is waiting 4 me! <3 Okay so bye thank u 4 all the support and yeah gonna be posting more soon as always!

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And yeah goood bye lovesss, leave a heart cause i did this one in 2 days cause its long and i had exams but they ended. Send all of u guys luck for the last ones! see u soon xoxo