Hey, wow this is so weird but anyways heeeeeyyyy. This is my first article so you know don't judge me or whateva. But i wanted to make this article to help others like me find new music to listen to because not everyone wants to be listening to mainstream music all the time. soooooo lets get to it!

1. LOVELY by Billie Eilish and Khalid

lovely, khalid, and billie eilish image flowers and glass image
Isn't it lovely, all alone Heart made of glass, my mind of stone Tear me to pieces, skin to bone Hello, welcome home

2. KNOW LOVE by Rex Orange County

rex orange county image county, orange, and REX image
Not able to show love There is no love for me I just wanna know love

3. THIS IS THE DAY by The The

day, floral, and flower image Dream, cool, and light image
This is the day, your life will surely change This is the day, when things fall into place

4. COMPANION by Christian Leave

boy, flowers, and aesthetic image boy, christian akridge, and christian leave image
You dropped me flat and now I’ve lost my mind Pushed everyone away Just to make you my priority

5. B.O.M.D by Clairo and Danny L Harle

clairo, alternative, and claire cottrill image billie, Claire, and indie image
And you're the boy of my dreams It's not so hard to see why you're the one for me

Thanks for reading and i hope you found some new music and artist to listen to. Byeeeeeee :)