Day 7 : "Write about three things you like about you."

1) I'm a good friend
If one of my friend need me for any reasons I will always be there for them. They can tell me anything I will never judge them because I'm no one to judge anyone. I always try to be as helpful as I can be even if they weren't there for me cause that's the job of a friend.

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2) I try to be as positive as I can be
It's something really hard but most of my life I've been really pessimist so I have decided to change. Thinking positive brings something positive. I also try to see the best parts in every person even if they are mean with me (thats the hardest part).

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3) I'm honest
Being honest is also really important for me because I think that hypocritical person are the worst kind of person. When I have a problem I tell it immediately at the person because not telling what's wrong make the problem even bigger. So if I don't like how you act around me i will tell you :)

Hope you enjoy XX