so this is my first article and I thought this tag is a great way to find out more about each other!

Age - 17

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Best feature - my blue eyes and how I put others before myself.

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Color - rose gold, blue and purple.

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Deepest regret - letting my past stop me from doing things in the future.

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Everyday starts with -giving my dog cuddles and checking my phone

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Favourite show - FRIENDS, Greys Anatomy, Once Upon A Time, The Vampire Diaries and Gossip Girl.

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Greatest accomplishment - not letting my fears and anxiety get the best of me.

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Hopeful - of getting a good job and being in a better state of mind.

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In love with - Taylor Swifts music and mind, dogs, sparkly things, Paris, and so much more!

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Job of my dreams - anything to do with dogs and horses.

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Kids I want - I don't really want to have kids but I want to adopt a few pets.

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Last thing I ate - an apple.

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Magical power I want - healing others

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Nature - I love the woods, mountains and wildflower

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One favourite song - anything by Taylor Swift

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Passionate about - Taylor Swift, dogs, books, Harry Potter and being kind and supporting others.

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Question I'm always asked - why am I so tall? I'm roughly the same height as Taylor.

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Reasons to be happy - family, friends, animals, Disney, and so much more!

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Sea - I love/hate the sea, I'm scared of deep oceans but I love the sea near the beach.

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Time I wake up - 8:30/9:00

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Unique - everyone is unique and I think that is so special.

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Vacation destination - Paris, New York, Spain, Australia, and anywhere else as I love road trips and travelling.

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Worst habit - biting my nails and criticising everything I do.

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X-rays - um I'm very clumsy so I've had a lot of x-rays.

Your favourite drink - coffee!

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Zodiac sign - Capricorn

Thank you so much for reading! Message me if you want to know more or just need someone to talk to.

Lovelovelove Amber