why is it that words just don't have the same meaning anymore?
our generation is obsessed with the fact we can hide behind our phone screens to protect ourselves. everything we are scared to say we choose to text, email, or even tweet about it to save us from the unknown reply.

call me old school but don't you ever want to be able to look someone in the eyes and say those few words that could change everything.

relationships for example, how are we ever going to know if it is real?
you can trick yourself into thinking that everything that guy or girl is telling you what is true. I would love to trust the fact that someone wont lie to me, but I'm incapable of choosing what people tell me.

one thing could all of that, when you are able to look someone in the eyes and listen to everything they have to say it brings out a different side of you which is no lie.

I can bet when that special person said those words " i love you" over the phone you stared at the phone smiling and were speechless.
imagine no more phones and no more technology only those face to face conversations where you cant hide your emotions. I can guarantee that little difference will change it all.

one look can make you fall in love.
some might say those little cliché sayings could be true, the ones people only think movies or books have.
don't ever hesitate to put all your feelings out there, i understand that it will be the hardest thing to do but it could just turn out to be a decision you will never forget.