Ah yes, here we are again. Me, bored and trying to refrain from binge-watching netflix, so I'm writing another article. This time (like every other time) I'm doing a tag that I stumbled across in the discover feed! It's called the High School Tag and it was created by @FernandaSilver ! I linked her original post below, so check it out !

I already graduated high school... *shivers* five years ago *extreme cringe* I thought it would still be cool and fun to do this tag! So to fit my old self, I just changed the tense in some of the questions! Oh well, onto the tag!

✏ What grade are you in?

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as stated before in the little intro, my old self graduated high school five years ago, which yikes– the thought about it makes me wanna cry.

✏ Best and worst year?

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honestly, my favorite year would have to be a tie between my junior and senior year (11th and 12th grade). I made such amazing friends those last two years who definitely impacted my high school experience. my least favorite year would have to be my freshman year (9th grade), only because it was my first year in high school, which automatically meant it was going to be cringey af. not to mention my excessive and annoying facebook statuses from freshman year continue to haunt me everyday (almost 10 years later) in my fb memories.

✏ Favorite subject?

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it's another tie! growing up, i was always been reading and writing– my mom often jokes that i could live in a library or a bookstore if i wanted to. so english was always a top fav! but i also loved history! i was always curious to just learn about the past, and it was interesting to see how some events often repeated themselves.

✏ Least favorite subject?

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lol this is such an easy answer–– science and math. i'm really more of an artsy kind of person and i've never been good with numbers. i really struggled with both of these subjects in high school– minus anatomy, i was surprisingly good at that lmao.

✏ Were you in a clique? Which one?

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i wasn't so much in a clique when i was in high school, i was really friends with all kinds of different people. i guess you could technically group me with the jocks, but honestly, i was friends with a big majority of different groups.

✏ Go to outfit?

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honestly my style was pretty laid-back. i always wore jeans and vans. sometimes i would mix it up with either a graphic-tee, a nice shirt or a sweatshirt– i never really dressed up lol.

✏ Biggest achievement during high school?

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my sophomore year, one of my drawings from my art class made it into a showcase at the city's art show and it got first place. which is pretty awesome because i have no artistic skill in drawing whatsoever. but also, lettering in two sports throughout high school was really awesome too.

✏ Best moment during high school?

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it's honestly got to be a tie between grad bash and switching schools. they built a new school in my district because of overcrowding, so i got rezoned and ended up going to school with a lot of my friends from jr. high, which was nice. and grad bash was just really amazing. it's something that universal orlando does for high school seniors. universal basically shuts down the park all day (they'll even get performers, like we had pitbull at ours) and high schools from all around the state send their seniors on this trip from the morning and don't come back till basically 1am. it's an amazing time and it's so cool basically having the amusement park to yourself and a bunch of other high school seniors.

✏ Hardest moment during high school?

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high school was a time where i really struggled with my own self-esteem and body issues. i rapidly lost a lot of weight between my freshman and junior year– and from sophomore year to junior year is where i struggled with eating. i guess the technical term is OSFED (other specified feeding or eating disorder) cause i never really fit completely under anorexia or bulimia– but my choices were very unhealthy for both my mind and my body.

✏ Was high school what you expected it to be?

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i was in 4th grade when 'mean girls' came out and 6th grade when 'high school musical' came out– so my expectations of high school were definitely a solid mix of the two. so it's safe to say that high school wasn't anything like i expected it to be–– but it did have some of its own 'mean girl' moments and i'm still a little bitter there was no spontaneous musical number at any point in time.

✏ Did you participate in any sport, club, etc?

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i played two sports throughout high school, so unfortunately i really didn't have time to join any clubs! i played softball all four years and then did weightlifting my last three years.

✏ Did you ever ditched or skipped class? Did you get caught?

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my freshman year, me and a friend would leave our last period class about 10 minutes early and just walk around the halls lmao. but otherwise, no i never skipped class. plus senior year a friend and i would go hang out with our softball coach after our lunch instead of going back to class (but only if we finished our work early) since we only had to sit in class for another 20 minutes before the next period. and yes, we got caught one time by this mean ass sub nobody liked, but we were actually helping our coach do something and when our teacher came back she just dismissed his report.

✏ Did you enjoy going to parties?

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there were never really any parties that i knew of. i mean, one of my friends who lives down the street from me would have parties in his garage, but none of my friends ever went, so i didn't either.

✏ Were you ever in detention? Why?

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i got iss (in school suspension) one time for insubordination– which to this day, i still say i'm innocent and that sub had a vendetta against our class ok– but otherwise no, i never got detention.

✏ What did you like most about your school?

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the building, as strange as that sounds. it was a new school and it was three stories, so the fact that everything was brand new was really nice. otherwise, the pep rallies.

✏ What did you dislike the most about your school?

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ok ok bare with me here, but our football team was atrocious up until the year after i graduated (go figure right???) but otherwise, i was not a fan of how highly athletes were treated, which is funny considering i was one. but i was super aware by how teachers treated some athletes cough the football players cough compared to other students, and i didn't think it was really all that fair.

✏ Favorite teacher?

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mrs. rodriguez, my anatomy teacher (and ironically she taught me science in 8th grade and my sophomore year as well). she was really kind and really funny. she got to know her students well, knew what they liked to do as hobbies, knew what their weak subjects were, and definitely put in a lot of effort to help them succeed. she really reminds me of dr. miranda bailey from greys anatomy.

✏ Least favorite teacher?

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lmao i could literally write a list for you, but my least favorite teacher was mr. templeton. he literally looked like a clone of mr. miyagi, but yall i swear to you, he was so rude. he wouldn't help us understand the material (he basically expected us to know it before he even taught it), he would get into arguments with students all the time, plus when he literally went AWOL, he never put any of our grades into the system and took our papers with him, so everyone in the class had a D for that first interim report.

✏ What did high school teach you?

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high school taught me a lot of things that i really didn't come to understand until i graduated. it taught me the importance of hard work and how it can get you where you want to go. it taught me about how to choose the right friends. it taught me how to reach out of my comfort zone and how some of my closest friends could be people i never would have thought. it taught me that the 'don't judge a book by it's cover' quote, really is true. and most importantly, it taught me that everyone, no matter how happy, lucky, or if they seem to have it all...everyone is struggling with something.

✏ Advice for freshmen?

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it's cliché, i know, but when i say take your time through these years– i mean take. your. time. there's no need to rush growing up and rush through the stages just so you can get out of there. high school, though sometimes incredibly miserable, can actually have some fun times and hold memories that you will remember for the rest of your life. don't be scared to join clubs. don't be scared to talk to new people. high school is all about getting to know who you are and what you like to do before you go off to college, which is where you dig further into that quest. just take a deep breath and don't let these years pass you by, or you'll regret it.