Hey guys! today's article will be a bit more on the sad side, but I hope this could help some of you that read it get possible validation of your feelings.

At the beginning of January 2017, I had my first best friend breakup. the following story will tell you the story of our friendship, and the downfall of our friendship.

In April of 2016, I became very close to a girl that I had grown up with, but I never interacted with her much. We will call my friend Olivia. I don't remember how we got so close (my apologies!). Throughout 2016, we did so many things together. 2-week long beach vacations, and 1 Great Wolf Lodge trip. It almost seemed like we lived at each other's houses. I loved having her company. Olivia was my best friend, and I loved her more than anything.

Things between Olivia and I were great all of summer 2016, but things began to get slightly sour in September of 2016 when I got my first serious boyfriend, we will call him nash (we are still dating today).

***Just a quick PSA, Olivia and Nash go to the same school***

November 2016 - Olivia would text me things like "Nash was trying to get another girls number at school today" and "Nash was flirting with some girl". I became confused as to how she would know what he was doing because they didn't have any classes together.

Late December 2016 to Early January 2017 - Me and Olivia began to become more distant. Olivia began to find her self interacting with college students. I think she might have done this for the "cool/attention" factor. I'm not saying hanging out with older kids makes you fake, or a bad person, I just think this contributed to some of her change. She got really close to one girl who we grew up with that was in college. We will call her Erin.

One day in early January, there had been a few inches of snow in my area. Olivia invited me to come over to her house and told me that Erin was going to be there. Which I was fine with, Erin was a very sweet girl. We had made cookies, and cakes that night. We went to sleep and woke up the next morning and everything seemed fine and normal. Olivia had disappeared for a while, and I got a text from her that said "We don't need to be friends anymore. I'm a junior in high school, I'm going to be leaving for college. I'm probably going to drop you once I get into college anyways. lol. If we are going to stop being friends, we can just go ahead and get it over with now."

My heart was shattered. The girl that I had loved so much, the girl I invested so much time in was gone in a matter of one text. I had tried working things out with her but she would never talk to me. I packed my stuff and left.

I hope this helps you validate some possible feelings that you have after a friend/best friend break up. If you ever need someone to talk to, don't think twice about messaging me!