1. arctic monkeys - mad sounds
"mad sounds in your ears, they make you feel alright
they bring you back to life"

2. portugal. the man - feel it still
"I'm a rebel just for kicks, yeah
your love is an abyss for my heart to eclipse, now
might be over now, but I feel it still"

3. arctic monkeys - fireside
"I'm not sure if I should show you what I've found
has it gone for good?
or is it coming back around?
isn't it hard to make up your mind
when you're losing and your fuse is fireside"

4. sir sly - &run
"heavy as the setting sun
oh I'm counting all the numbers between zero and one
happy, but a little lost
well, I don't know what I don't know so I'll kick my shoes off and run"

5. bad things - haunting
"I wouldn't want to waste the world
I had to hope for held back hauntings"

6. foster the people - pumped up kicks
"I've waited for a long time
yeah the slight of my hand is now a quick pull trigger
I reason with my cigarette
and say your hair's on fire, you must have lost your wits"

7. arctic monkeys - suck it and see
"blue moon girls from once upon a Shangri-La
how I often wonder where you are
you have got that face that just says
"baby, I was made to break your heart""

8. sir sly - high
"it feels good to be running from the devil
another breath and I'm up another level
it feels good to be up above the clouds
it feels good for the first time in a long time now"

9. foster the people - sit next to me
"come over here sit next to me
we can see where things go naturally
just say the word and I'll part the sea
just come over here and sit next to me
and I'll take you high, high"