☀️ Name: ☀️
Zoe Clake

☀️ Age: ☀️

glee, hair, and tv series image blue, freckles, and blue eyes image
Zoe has black wavy hair und green eyes.

☀️ Style: ☀️

girl, fashion, and grunge image black, friends, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and black image aesthetic, aesthetics, and converse image fashion, outfit, and style image riverdale and southside serpents image
She has a very grungy style. She love mom jeans, skirs, fishnet tights, chucks and docks.

☀️ Personality: ☀️

sarcastic, never, and me image quotes, positive, and motivation image dark and quotes image aesthetic, quotes, and random image
She is a very sarcastic and tough girl and she is always positive.
dress, fashion, and blue aesthetic image pink, skate, and vintage image grunge, alternative, and black image fencing image
She loves to dance, to skate ( on a board and on roller skaters) and she loves to fight.

☀️ Friends: ☀️

riverdale, cole sprouse, and skeet ulrich image gif, riverdale, and cheryl blossom image
Her best friends are the serpents and Cheryl.

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