I really don’t know what to say, but I’ll try.

Hey, 8 year-old me. If you move to a new school when you start 4th grade, just go with it because you’ll meet more people who will teach you a lot about life. If you meet 2 girls who enjoy singing, go with them because they will teach you how to enjoy music and be in love with songs. If you meet a boy who teases you at first, go with him because he’ll eventually be the reason for your happiness, and he’ll be the person to cheer you up when you can’t smile. Just wait for him. As time goes by, you’ll meet more, and you’ll lose more as well. But it’s okay since things change for the better. Some things might seem sad, wrong and hard to bear but that’s life and you’ll eventually be happy because you deserve to be happy.

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When you’re in 7th grade and you feel as if you don’t belong to any group and you don’t have any friends, just wait. You’ll meet people who will be by your side no matter what. And when you reach, 9th grade, do what you feel is right and don’t follow what other people would normally do. You aren’t like them and therefore you do what you wish. Also if you have things you want to say, say it already because life is too short to keep waiting for a specific time to say what you want to express. Don’t be afraid of what you don’t know, it’s part of learning so face it courageously. As of now, I’m quite happy and enjoying life as much as I can. Sure, I get sad sometimes but that’s life. Someday you’ll understand this and everything else. That’s all, I guess. I hope you get to go with the flow of everything and end up happy.

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That's all for now, guys! hehe

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