Hello, sunflowers!! I know, I know: I said that my next article would be about keeping in touch with your best friend when one of you are moving! But I tought that it would be useful to count on my friends views and opinions too, so it'll be more complete. I'll give you those tips next time, I promise <3

But now, I felt like I had to say something in such an important topic. Here, in We heart it, we always see beautiful pictures of models, girls who are really thin or really fit or people who have such a perfect body in their perfect lifes. Okay, guys --> It's cool to get inspiration from people we see as ''perfect'' but you should always always always keep in mind that you are another person. And what I mean with this is that you simply can't get exactly the same results in life doing exactly the same thing than others. Keep it simple, keep it easy, keep it healthy.

Look, I'm not a nutricionist or any kind of expert on this topic so I'm not here to tell what to do step by step, but here are some tips based on how I changed (and still changing) my body.

  • First of all, I made clear what a wanted: less fat, more muscle. Alright, checked. All I wanted is my dancer's body back.
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  • The next questions was, where am I in the way of my goals? In my case, I wasn't over the maximum weight recommended to my height, but considerably near, so the first step was clear: to loss fat first, to gain muscle after.
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  • Then, I made sure I was concerned about what it would take to accomplish that goal and if I really was interested in sacrifice things I liked in order to achieve it. I had to give up on fizzy drinks, eating chocolate after lunch, getting mcdonalds every time I went out with my friends and having my huge but lovely breakfasts. And I had to go back to sports (I think going back is worse than starting at them for the first time because you see how you got worse at them because of your stupid lazyness, lol). I had to sweat. I had to do things that aren't as beautiful as others may make you see. Hmm... alright, I wanted it. I wanted it so bad.
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  • Great. Next I had to set a plan. A really great plan that would actually work for me. Not to start doing 1 h. of exercise by day but maybe with two per week. (I have to say now I'm doing three hours per week which is a great improvement).I looked for my resourses to being able to do sports at my dorms and which type of exercises I should do. (If you guys have similar goals to mine I would suggest you cardio and weights at the same level, since muscle fights fat, babies).
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  • But, for me, the worst part was food, that's why I talk about it in a different paragraph even though it should be in that plan. I love eating. I simply love it and I just used to eat because I felt like it, because I was bored or when I had anxiety or got nervous, too. I didn't understand food as fuel but as a social activity or even a kind of hobby! Can you believe it?!?! So I knew it would be hard... but it didn't.
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I mean, there were times I really felt like a pizza or a donut BUT I was full following the diet and HAPPY with my results. Following it I learnt how to actually cook real food. And now that I understand what I'm eating and why I love it even more, but in a conscious way.

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  • And my favourite part (besides the results, of course) was the motivation. I have a collection right here...

... that I actually made for this. I'm in my sixth week and God... I feel powerful.

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And that's it. That's how I decided to take part in my own life, in my own body, and how it worked for me. I failed lots of times before because I wasn't really aware of the sacrifice that it would take, but I really should have started earlier. I'm enchanted with my body, and I love how it feels!!

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I know YOU can do it too. But be realistic, make a real plan, really do work for it and, the most important part, EMBRACE and LOVE yourself even from the beggining, no matter where you are. That should be the real goal and not a number, so keep trying since the very beggining. I believe in you. I believe in you I believe in you

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Let's start.

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That's all for today, fam. I just saw lots of articles selling miracles and fake results so I thought maybe I could help somebody for real. Hope you had a great and productive week, now enjoy the weekend! See you soon!!!!

Ps. Again, I'd appreciate kind postcasts or messages in order to correct my possibles mistakes since English is not my mother tounge. Any doubt, comment, idea or suggestion, I'll be right here to reply you. Thank you so so so much if you get to read this final part, I'll have you in my heart <3