Haven't we all come across people who annoy us just by being there? Not because of who they are, but because of a habit they have. Perhaps its something they do or their way of expressing themselves, perhaps its a noise they make. You know what I mean, we all have our own pet peeves and I bet you have one in mind already. Now, I have quite a few but I've managed to pick 3 of my biggest pet peeves - not in particular order. Heads up though, this article might just turn into a rant.

To be clear, I'm not trying to offend anyone. If you do any of these things, that's fine. I am not saying you are an annoying human being or anything like that. Rather I am just expressing my thoughts about my pet peeves.

1. People who are always late

Now don't get me wrong, being late from time to time is inevitable but some people like to make it a habit of turning up late despite being aware of the call time or plan. Some people actually value their time, but these people don't seem to grasp the idea that other people have things to do too. What pisses me off though this is that they even make up excuses to cover their ass as if it were even believable. I mean, c'mon mate, just be honest about it. I'd appreciate that instead of trying to make up a story.

2. People who interrupt you or cut you off mid sentence

What I mean by this is when you're conversing with someone about a particular topic and another person just inserts him/herself in the conversation when one is clearly still talking. I'm sorry, it's just plain rude. I personally know someone like this and every time this person does such a thing, I try so hard to inform the person politely but I never sound as polite as I wish. It, honestly, is just so hard to be patient with these kind of people. At least wait until the person is done speaking, I can't stress this enough.

3. Public display of affection

Holding hands is fine, leaning on the shoulder is fine, a hug or an innocent kiss is fine too. minimal display of affection in short. I get it, you two are in love but shouldn't there be a limit to how intimate you are in public? Not because it annoys those around you, but also as respect for yourself. I have nothing against affection but I guess for me, there are some kinds of affection that should be kept private so as to make it more intimate. I'm sure you get the point.

There are actually more but I can't seem to think of any and I don't want to sound like such a miserable human being who only knows to rant. Again, I'm not speaking of anyone in particular. You do you mate.