Hello ! I am a huge fan of Riverdale, and I decided to do this article ! Hope you'll like it ! This article inspired me :

➸ Name

cute, quotes, and Devil image

➸ Appearance

beautiful, beauty, and curls image girl, beauty, and eyes image
brown and curly hair, half-breed, and green eyes.

➸ Style

eyebrows, makeup, and beauty image fashion image accessories, pretty, and outfit of the day image bangs, hairstyles, and natural hair image
soft makeup, sexy outfit, and messy bun

➸ Personality

art, model, and beauty image anything, future, and girl image
she loves to smoke and she's in love with her boyfriend.

➸ Family

aesthetic, blue, and cast image
she is the cousin of Josie

➸ Love

chuck, clayton, and gif image chuck, gif, and clayton image
chuck clayton

➸ Friends

fangs and riverdale image riverdale, madelaine petsch, and cheryl blossom image

➸ Aesthetic

riverdale, serpent, and jacket image butt, smut, and couple image aesthetic, soft, and hickies image sex and the city, samantha, and bitch image

Here it is ! Hope you liked, see you soon ♥♥