☁ favorite group/squad

Image by Ксения Иванова skam, thomas hayes, and william magnusson image
The Penetrators ✌ They are so cool, especially William

☁ favorite character

skam, noora, and josefine frida pettersen image
My favorite girl character is Noora Amalie Sætre. She is a great feminist and a stylish girl.
skam, carl martin, and eskild image
and my favorite boy is Eskild Tryggvason. He is just so cool, that I can't describe.

☁ favorite couple

skam, love, and william image skam, william, and noora image

☁ character that i hated at first and then loved

skam, carl martin eggesbø, and eskild tryggvason image
Linn Larsen Hansen

☁ character that should've had a season

skam, chris berg, and ina svenningdal image
Chris Berg. She is so cool and a little bit she is like me.

☁ worse couple

girl, skam, and ulrikke falch image skam, thomas hayes, and william magnusson image
Vilde and William

☁ were you one of those people who wanted Chris boy to have a season?

boy image
Not so much

☁ most beautiful friendship?

gif and noora image
Noora and Eskild

☁ phrase that i liked the most

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☁ the most stylish character

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☁ character i would like to have as a friend

skam, nikolai, and niko image
Nikolai Magnusson
skam, eskild, and vilde image
Eskild Tryggvason

☁ Did you feel like getting to know Oslo, the capital of Norway?

architecture, buildings, and city image
Maybe, but they showed the city very beautifully.

☁ is skam a copy of skins?

skam, noora, and quotes image skins, grunge, and grace image
I don't think so

☁ the message of skam

journaling, quotes, and skam image
It teached so much things!They teaches us how to be friends and react to some situations.


Ani Tyrell
Ani Tyrell