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So these days have been a little bit over packed with things happening. I want to share with you my story just to make you understand something at the end so bare with me for a while. Eight months ago I used to work for Apple’s costumer care in Albania and the option of the Supervisor was available so I said to myself why not to try it because you can do it. I tried and the first time I didn’t get it. One month after the rejection I applied again. I didn’t get it again. That was the Universe telling me that job was not for me but I didn’t believe it the first time. After 2 rejections and after working there for nearly two years I said to myself you need to look deep in your soul to find what you really like to do now. My soul answered Germany.
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I didn’t know how to get there or what job to do but I knew I needed to go there. I looked up online for the fastest way to go there legally and a friend of mine has suggested the Au pair position. I looked for families and I found some really good ones and in a month one of those families gave me the one year contract to come to Munich. Because Albania is not in the EU program I applied for the Visa Interview immediately (in December) which after a week came the date and it was in 26 February. The family wanted me to go in January so I quitted my job and went to their house just for one month after I would return back to get the Visa.
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When I was at their house I was supposed to work for 6 hours but I worked 10 and I couldn’t complain to anybody. One night my sister told me my mum was very sick so I smoked a cigarette. I didn’t smoke when I was there because I thought they wouldn’t like it even though we didn’t speak before about it. They smelled the smoke and after 2 days they told me they didn’t want me as their au pair. It was 3 weeks before my interview and I didn’t have the contract to get the Visa, I didn’t have any job and also a place to stay. At that time I wouldn’t understand why the universe gave me what I wanted but didn’t let me keep it, even though I was feeling miserable.
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I stayed at my best friend’s house for 3 weeks and she introduced me to the person who offered to help me. Now she is my Au-pair mom and I love her to death because we are so much alike. Not only she helped me by giving the contract but also she made me feel like home. I have so much fun with the family I’m in right now, we also go out and spend time together. It’s like I’m part of their family as it should be from the program. I like staying at their house but still I wanted also to do something else, and I like online jobs.
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My sister told me about a Chinese company which was searching for Online English teachers. I did the interview and now I have the job, it’s not a real real job but still it helps. Its only 2 days a week so my off days from the Au pair but the payment is really good. After explaining my timeline these last month’s I wanted to say to you that you always get what you want as long as you really want it.
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Even when things go badly and you ask yourself why at the moment you will not understand it but after a while I connected the dots and it all made perfect sense. I was in a bad place at the other family and the Universe helped me find the right one. Remember this next time you feel down and you think you cannot get out of that. When the student is ready the teacher will come and there is no way to know when you are ready. You just have to trust the flow because it’s waking you to where you wanted to go in the first place. Just nobody said it would be a straight and easy road. When things didn’t were good I asked why?! But now 4 months later I do understand why and trust me when I say even when you are in walking through hell keep walking because it means you are not home.