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Some people let love penetrate under their skin and into their hearts, let it crush their bones and flow down their veins. They let love subdue them, became addicted to their divine power, let her take every ounce of them, body and soul, without wanting to get anything back. They drew the power of love and wore it like armor, protecting themselves from the world.

passion. Is like the moment when gasoline meets fire. It is such a strong emotion, such a sweet need, an unforgivable sin. Passion is the only thing that can motivate a human being to kill any other human being, the only thing that can cause a person to steal, lie and become a dirty sinner. The desire for victory, the desire to prove yourself, to fulfill your dreams, to gain some respect ... the passion for the lover.

❝Let me be your sin, just for one night.❞

- My first article, I can't believe I really posted it here lol,
- Sorry for my bad English, it's not my main language tho