Hi, if you're upset right now or having anxiety I just want you to know that it's going to be okay.
Maybe you feel like it's not going to be okay at all and that itself is alright but know that what you are feeling right now is temporary and it will not last.
Please understand that you're still so young and have so much life and happiness ahead of you.
So many times in my life i have felt that everything is ruined and nothing will ever be the same because of a certain situation or outcome.
Every time i have gone through something whether it be small or big i have survived and often a few days after i feel at ease again.
Everybody is going through the same things as you are and somehow everything will be okay.
You have been through difficult times but you are alive and breathing right now since you are reading this so therefore you have a 100% success rate :)
Breathe in and out.
You are worthy always.