Au: mmh I don't have any other possibility, I'm sorry *what?!? sleeping in his house alone?!?! ...okay calm down
Tae: don't worry, I'll lend you something to wear for sleeping, here
Au: thanks, I'll borrow the bathroom *I don't have to worry we're just good friends and it's not my first time in a boy house

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Au: *I'm wearing his clothes, so embarassing

Tae: *so cute

Tae: you can sleep on my bed I'll sleep on the sofa
Au: no please, I'll feel bad for you
Tae: don't worry
Au: no no, you have done a lot of things for me, so come here we'll sleep together, there's no problem we're just good friends! And the bed is so big...
Tae: are you sure? i don't know what I can do while sleeping, hahahaha I was joking
Au: yes, I want to trust you
Tae: *I like her for this

Tae: if you're sure
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Tae: are you comfortable like this?
Au; yes. I'm courious to see your sleeping face
tae: you can't
au: hahahaha why?
tae: the lights are off
au: ah you're right, what time is it?
tae: 5 am, let's sleep
au: good night

Au: *my heart is beating so fast that I can't sleep

Tae pinches her and then hide under the blanket
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Au: kyaaa Tae!! *I can see his face under the covers, so hot...

she also pinches him
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Tae: ah you discovered me!
she throws her pillow on his face and they start a pillow fight
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Tae: ah I got hit really hard! hahahaha
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Au: hahahaha *I really like him after all

they're looking at each other in the eyes
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au: you know what? I really like our relationship. *I want to be honest with him, to be myself and now I feel like expressing my feelings, so... why not?

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Tae: *that surprised me

Au: I'm telling the truth! I'm so happy to have found a person like you cause I've never found somebody I can comfortably be myself with. Even if it's only three days that we know each other, you understand well. *he's letting me speak, he understands me

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Tae: *she's so sweet and honest, too bad...I think I can't stop myself anymore
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Au: *I'm getting nervous, he's looking at me so seriously. The fact is that I really like him...
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Au: hahahaha now I seem an idiot talking nonsense, but I just wanted to say how I'm really feeling.
Tae: that's not true, I understand but... *I'm sorry for this Audrey...
Au: *he said but... I'm scared...

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Tae: now, can I show you how I feel? *well, now, after this I also want to be honest
Tae comes closer to her looking in her eyes, strokes her hair, takes her face with his hands and gently kiss her
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au: *what just happened?!?!?

tae: that's how I feel about you. me too I've never met a person like you with I can be myself and appreciated. sorry but I couldn't wait and stop me anymore, because I really like you... *what kind of embarassing things am I saying?!

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Au: *I'm so happy, he's so cute, he don't have to be sorry
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Tae: please don't look at me now, I'm really embarassed
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Tae: okay I know now I've ruined all our relationship, I'm really sorry, but I couldn't...
Audrey doesn't let him finish that she kisses him again
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to be countinued...