This article is to help you achieve your summer Glow Up.

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#1 ~ Drink water ~Yes, I am a believer that water helps with your skin. Water is very important for your health and for your skin care because it keeps you hydrated. Personally for me when my skin gets oily I know that I am not drinking enough water, but don't get me wrong there are people who still have oily skin even if they are hydrated.
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#2 ~ Workout ~ You don't have to workout, but lately I have been working out for the past week, morning and night, and it feels so good especially in the morning because I feel like it starts my day off right. For me I pick exercises I want to do then I set a timer for about 1 minute for each exercise. Also It doesn't have to be a intense workout because any exercise is good exercise.
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#3 ~ Diet ~ Yes, I am also a believer that what you eat shows on your skin because I remember when I was eating semi - healthy and my skin was so clear. Like I had cut out sodas and junk food, so my skin was looking so clear ad everything and when I went back to my old ways (Sadly) my skin went right back to being oily and having bumps here and there. Try to eat a little healthier, I know its hard when Literally everyone you know always eats junk food but it's worth a try for the long run. Instead of going for the chips, go get a watermelon or any type of fruit. Instead of going for a soda get some fruit and make a smoothie.
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#4 ~ Style ~ If you like your style you can just skip this, but if you aren't really happy with your style try something different because you might like it. I might make a whole article on styling clothing.
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#5 ~ Drink infused water ~ If you add any type of fruits to your water, I promised you clear skin, because I used to drink lemon water everyday and it made my skin clear and it detox your body I really need to get back into drinking it. I also add fresh mint to my lemon water because it just makes it so much better. There are also other types of detox water like Cumber, strawberry, kiwi, and many other ones just pick the best one for you.

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