hi sweetheart,

now is the time. start a new life. you're going to change. focus on yourself because you do have the time for that.

do something different with that hair, honey

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look a little bit different

paint those nails

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it's a impression, sweetheart, that's all

dress for success

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let's be real, everyone who you watch on youtube, who you stalk on instagram or even just look at when you're outside, are people who are dressed well. be one of them.

be that independent woman

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love yourself. he won't ever make you as happy as you will. educate yourself, give advices, spend time with the people who deserves your time. make sure that you can live your life alone and that you love it.

learn how to cook

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c'mon, be a woman who can cook. you want to host those dinner parties, trust me. cooking is a talent anyone can have. choose to have it. practice now.

what is procrastinating?

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procrastination happens in many situations. but turn the work you have into your lifestyle. you're watching a tv show, where people are living their life and doing what they are supposed to do. do the same.

don't roll those eyes now, you have to work out too

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i will admit, even i did not want to add this one in this article. but let's be real, the feeling you have after working out is probably one of the best feelings you have ever had. it doesn't even have to be about achieving that dreamy figure, it's also about having a healthy lifestyle. push yourself a little bit, love.

this article is dedicated to the dreamers. you don't have to wait to become who you want to be. start now. and you will see someone else in that reflection. and there will be a smile too, i promise.

love, camilla

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