So this is my 11th article and in this article I am gonna talk about that time when you realise how important some random thing like a restaurant means to you.

aesthetic, restaurant, and bottle image

So when I was little my family often used to dine in a particular restaurant and I don't remember much of it but I still remember that it had a stage on which a band would play soft music.
It actually portrayed a London street and had a big red bus (it was just for display).
I just remember this and well....many other memories.
So yesterday I just got a nostalgia and I remembered stuff about that restaurant and then my mom told me that it actually closed down years ago.
So I googled it so that I can get an image of it and replenish my memories. I don't know what happend to me but I actually felt really sad and upset about that. And then I realised that sometimes in life these random things can also mean a lot to you.

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