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Day 1

Show That Never Should Have Been Canceled:

I'm veryy sad that this show have been cancelled !It should have had at least two more seasons!I'm still hoping that they will change their minds and renew it!

angel, famous, and science fiction image shadowhunters and saveshadowhunters image

Day 2

Show That You Wish More People Were Watching:
The Bold Type

I really love this show is my favourite at the moment.I really like the friendship between the girls and the themes that this show is presenting!It sure deserves a lot more attention!

katie stevens, the bold type, and jane sloan image gif, meghann fahy, and jane image

Day 3

Favorite New Show:

I love Dynasty! It i such a crazy and exciting show!I can't wait for season 2!

dynasty, serie, and nathalie kelley image Image removed

Day 4

Favorite Show Ever:
Pretty little liars

I think that this show will forever be my favourite.I really miss the liars !I wish it could last forever!

emily, gif, and aria image pretty little liars, pll, and girls image

Day 5

Show You Hate:
The arrangement

I really don't hate that much any of the shows i'm watching but if i have to choose i would go with The arrangement. I really don't enjoy in this show as much as i thought i would.

arrangement, shows, and love image arrangement, elegant, and josh image

Day 6

Show Everyone Should Watch:
Gilmore girls

It is a very relaxing and enjoyable show.It makes you laugh and i really liked the mother-daughter relationship.I would like to rewatch some of the episodes!

bffs, gilmore girls, and theme image gilmore girls, pretty, and quotes image

Day 7

Show You Thought You Wouldn’t Like, but Ended Up Loving:
The vampire diaries

When i decided to give the chance to this show i really didn't expect to like it because in that period i wasn't intoo supernatural stuff.But it end up to be one of my favourite shows ever!

the vampire diaries, stelena, and elena gilbert image cw, damon, and the vampire diaries image

Day 8

Show That Disappointed You:

I really liked season 1 but the season 2 really disapointed me and i'm still sceptical if i should finished the season or leave it!

riverdale image riverdale image

Day 9

Favorite Childhood Show:
The O.C
I waited so much for Mondays so i could watch this show on Tv! I really shipped Summer & Seth.They were so cutee!

adam brody, boys, and orange image love, adam brody, and couple image

Day 10

Favorite Guilty Pleasure Show:
Jane the virgin
This show always put me in a good mood!I can't wait for season 5 after the shocking season finale!

jane, rafael, and jane the virgin image jane the virgin image

Hope you enjoy it !