Stop trying to make sense of life, every word and action. Trying to put a meaning to everything in life will make your whole life completely meaningless.
Somethings don’t need to have a meaning at all. They just happen and you shouldn’t waste your time or effort trying to comprehend them and asking what ifs.

The only truth you need to know about life is that it keeps moving forward no matter what. The vague memory that you spent days trying to make sense of will eventually disappear. You will wake up one day finding that you’ve lost your most precious days chasing things you are no longer sure of what they were.

So the most important thing is to focus; pick a path before you get forced on a one. You don’t like routine, fine, then get lost in people lies and fragments of conversation you try to build into something that was never said or meant. Also, get ready to feel down all the time.

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Waiting for others to give your life a meaning is the saddest thing you can do to yourself. So stick to a path and make sure you chose it. That anything else won’t matter and always remember don’t think of something that has two meanings more than a couple of seconds; if someone is interested in delivering you a message he will make sure you get it.

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So darling, please don’t let the glowing city lights distract you from the real sun desperately waiting to rise within you.

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