I wrote an article maybe a month ago called My playlist with aesthetics.

I still listen to the same playlist, but I have quite a few new songs on there. So this article is basically a part 2 to that article.

(My name on Spotify is @emiliadisa and this playlist is called hippie crap and you are very welcome to follow me)

  • Pistol - The Strumbellas
car image run and nature image
I feel so adventurous when I listen to this song
  • Feel it still / Medasin remix - Portugal. The Man
dreams image airplane, beautiful, and clouds image
This remix is so dreamy
  • Why do you feel so down - Declan Mckenna
love, pink, and aesthetic image basketball diaries, gif, and feeling image
  • Dance, baby! - boy pablo
blue, aesthetic, and grunge image purple, 420, and aesthetic image
This song is cute in a weird way
  • Throw shade - CRUISR
blue, aesthetic, and game image baby, neon, and grunge image
It´s not an 80´s song, I just get a feeling like I´m playing arcades in the middle of the night.
  • Little talks - of monsters and men
boho, cool, and indie image quotes, mind, and pink image
Colors, colors and more colors
  • Flourescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
arctic monkeys, alex turner, and fluorescent adolescent image arctic monkeys, music, and album image
I will always love this song
  • No tears left to cry - Ariana Grande
ariana grande, ariana, and sweetener image ariana grande, ariana, and sweetener image
I just feel dreamy
  • Do I wanna know? - Arctic Monkeys
arctic monkeys, alex turner, and Lyrics image arctic monkeys, music, and do i wanna know image
The guitar is amazing!
  • Bom Bidi Bom - Nick Jonas, Nicki Minaj
quotes, grunge, and night image dance, dance floor, and dark image
It´s from Fifty shades darker but it´s reaaally good
  • Girls like you - Maroon 5, Cardi B
that 70s show, kiss, and couple image that 70s show, couple, and jackie image
I don´t know why but I think about Steven and Jackie
  • Tror du att han bryr sig - Benjamin Ingrosso, Felix Sandman
aesthetic, chic, and grunge image quotes, orange, and wall image
It´s a Swedish song and it is GREAT
  • Why´d you only call me when you´re high? - Arctic monkeys
arctic monkeys and alex turner image alex turner and arctic monkeys image
It´s just so good
  • In the summertime - Mungo Jerry
Pepsi, vintage, and cola image summer, beach, and blue image
This is one of the weirdest songs I´ve ever heard but it´s SO good

That will be all ladies and gentlemen!