...they were looking at each other in the eyes
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Tae is coming closer with a deep gaze when he suddenly blows in her face

Tae: there was something on your hair *my god, what was I going to do?!?
Au: ah hahahaha thanks *what was I expecting?!?
Tae: it's better to go now, it's past 2 am
Au: it's really late, fortunately we haven't school tomorrow

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Tae: so let's return home
ulzzang, boy, and night image girl, ulzzang, and asian image
Au: * I really like our relationship now, we had a lot of fun like very good friends... maybe something more...? what am I thinking!

Tae: *I want to know what she's thinking...

they arrive
bts, v, and kim taehyung image
Tae: so good night
aesthetic, asian girl, and beige image
Au: yeah and thanks for today Tae: *I love when she smiles
bts, taehyung, and v image ulzzang, girl, and korean image
Au&Tae: *what a good day

she wakes up and feel like singing so she just takes her ukulele, sits on her opened window and sings

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Tae hears her voice and starts listening
bts, v, and taehyung image
Tae: *such a good and sweet voice, I cannot stop listening to her. she's so beautiful when she sings
they meet for the music work at her house

Tae: let's start

girl and ulzzang image bts, v, and taehyung image

Au: I found a melody
Tae: yeah I like it! like this?
Au: yes * he's so cute while playing the guitar

band, funny, and gif image

Tae: now we can start composing
Au: try singing while I play
he starts singing and he comes close to her back, singing in her ear
Au: *what is he doing coming so close?!? I'm melting! but I can hear better his deep voice...
Au: okay, I think it's really good like this
Tae: so let's record the music and start the coreography

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Au: *he's really hot while dancing

Au: I like your coreography
Tae: okay now it's your turn

dance, gif, and girl image
Tae: you're not so bad, try this
he comes near her back and accompanies her body so that she can do it

Au: *he's touching my hips! I think it's normal like a dance teacher

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Au: I'm happy I'm managing!
dance, gif, and girl image
Tae: *okay, now she's getting too sexy...! I'm blushing, shit

Tae: okay, I think it's done
Au: okay, unexpectedly I like it, but I have to practice. Now I'll prepare lunch
Tae: ah thanks, I really like your cooking!
Au: oh really? you're the first person saying it *he complimented me!!
Tae: I'm happy about it :)

Image removed
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Au: *he doesn't know how much hot he's when he licks his lips

Au: why are you staring at me?

couple, ulzzang, and korean image

Tae: nothing, I just like watching you eating, it's cute
Au: for me it's embarassing, but I might get used to your stares
Tae: why?
Au: you always stare at me, I think it's your habit with all people so...

army, boy, and korea image
Tae: hahahahaha
kpop, v, and taetae image kpop, v, and videos image
Tae: that's not true Au:*that was cute

Au: I have to make a list of all the times? you'll be surprised
Tae: I was saying that's not true that I do it with all people
Au: ah... *oh my god!!! how do I interpretate this?!? change topic! *you know after lunch I have my part time job
Tae: ah okay, so I'll be leaving after washing the plates with you
Au: you don't have to worry *we'll seem a married couple!

bts, v, and kpop image
they wash plates while speaking

Tae: where do you work?
Au: in a book shop
Tae: is it good?
Au: yes
Tae: when do you finsh today?
Au: at 5.30 pm

while washing, tae tries to pick up a plate but it was the same of
Audrey so he touches her hand

blue, ponytail, and pretty image
Au: *blushes

Tae: hahahaha sorry

v, taetae, and bts image

Au: nothing
he wets his hand and he splashes her
Au: ah no!! she does the same
Tae: hahahaha, okay bye and thanks for the lunch!

Temporarily removed
Audrey is working
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she sees Tae entering, going in the CD part and taking the album in which there was the song she was singing in the morning

Au: *did he listen to me?!?

Image by francis
he reaches the cash desk

Tae: ah Audrey! *so happy to see her
Au: hey
Tae: so you work here
Au: yes, you found out. you know? this is my favourite album

Image by francis

Tae: I know, that's why I want to buy it
Au: how do you know? and why *so direct..!
Tae: that's a secret! well, just to know more about you

ulzzang, girl, and korean image
Au: happy to hear it *that's unfair, now I'm expecting something
bts, v, and kim taehyung image
Tae: when you finish, I'll make you a surprise!

Au: what? hahahaha I'll look forward to it *so sweet..! but now I can't work properly without thinking about him!

her job finished, she comes out of the book shop and find Tae

Image by francis

then she sees kookie and IU

deviantart, kpop, and edit image
Jk-IU: surprise!!

Tae: I wanted us to have an other good time together, so I called them
Au: good idea! where are we going? *he thought about something to make me happy, so nice
IU: mmh there's a festival in the city centre, why don't we go look? and then we stop by a karaoke
Jk: yeah I like festivals!

bts, jungkook, and bangtan boys image bts, jungkook, and taehyung image bts, kim taehyung, and jeon jungkook image bts, jungkook, and v image run, smile, and v image v, bts, and jungkook image
Au&IU: they're really cute together
gif, bts, and jungkook image
gif image
Au: and it seems they're having a lot of fun
bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image wallpaper, bts, and jungkook image
Jk was taking photos
Image removed bts, taehyung, and v image bts, lq, and jungkook image kpop, mv, and run image aesthetic, festival, and korea image amazing, bag, and beautiful image asian, asian fashion, and beautiful image asia, asian, and birds image
aesthetic, asian, and attractive image bts, v, and taehyung image

Tae: here a present for you! I won it
Au: a little Totoro?!? so cute! thanks!

kpop, v, and btsv image bts, v, and taehyung image bts, taehyung, and v image jin, bts, and yoongi image bts, v, and taehyung image v, taetae, and bts image bts, v, and namjoon image aesthetic, girl, and ulzzang image
gif, kpop, and v image
they spent the time eating street food, laughing, having fun, trying amusement parks, taking photos together, buying headbands and baloons

IU: I think I gained 3 pounds eating like this!
Au: me too, hahaha
Jk: that's not true
Tae: look at the positive things, we're having a lot of fun!

bts, taehyung, and v image Image by Kim Taehyung Photos korean and ulzzang image icon image asian, gay, and hug image korean, ulzzang, and girl image
couple, ulzzang, and asian image asian, korean, and ulzzang image
they also went for a bike ride and in a park
korean, kfashion, and korean fashion image icons, korean, and ulzzang image Inspiring Image on We Heart It couple, korea, and korean image
Audrey and Tae bought the same headbands

Au: you're very cute!
Tae: you too
Au: look, kookie and IU are getting closer
Tae: come, why don't we let them some time alone?

IU: don't you think they're cute now?
Jk: what about letting them alone for a bit? *so I can also be alone with you
IU: good idea :)

couples, korean, and kpop image couple, ulzzang, and korean image
they decided to split into 2 couples: Tae and Audrey, Jk and IU, to let each other some time alone. They both had a lot of fun
gif, kpop, and tae image
Tae tried fake wings on his back for a photo shoot

Au: you're too hot now! I'm blushing
Tae: hahahaha *when she became so direct?!

girl, pink, and asian image iu, kpop, and palette image bts, v, and taehyung image bts, jungkook, and kpop image
finally there were confetti falling, this was the most beautiful and funny moment

Tae comes near Audrey and pets her head
Au: what are you..? *embarassed
Tae: taking off confetti
Au: hahahaha let me too
Tae blushes
Jk: come here and decide which photo you want me to print for you

Image removed
Au: I want this! *it was the best photo of me and tae together

Tae: you're right, it's good. for me this one, it's too cute, hahahaha

girl, ulzzang, and korean image
Au: nooo!! you're evil!

Jk: hahahaha too good!
IU: so cute!!!
Jk: for me this one hahahaha

asiatic, aegyo, and edit image
IU: what?!? then that's my revenge!
jungkook, bts, and jeon jungkook image

Au whispering: they have finally got closer
Tae whispering: that's true
Jk: now let's go to the karaoke

ulzzang, girl, and asian image kpop, solo, and iu image
gif, v, and jungkook image

Tae: ah can you help us for the school song?

they start the performance
asian, gif, and kpop image

Jk whispreing: IU, they're a good couple
IU: you're right

Jk: that's really god
IU: and you sing both pretty well
Jk: I can only say to Audrey to practice more just to be more fluid
Au: yes, I know
IU: oh it's late, it's better for us to return home
Jk: good night!
Au&Tae: bye bye

city, japan, and night image
returning home

Au: I have to thank you also today, I had a lot of fun thanks to you
Tae: you don't have to, I also had a lot of fun
Au: ah we arrived, well... good night!
Tae: you too
she search for her keys but she can't find them
Au: wait, Tae I can't find my keys, I think I forgot them at the karaoke

v and bs&t image
Tae: ah...well, come to my house *she called me Tae!

to be countinued...