(this is my first time writing an article so here we go )

Small story of something that happened in my real life and how I thought I was finally getting somewhere and someone was actually interested in me.

(my friends/ family/ names I'm gonna change)

I'm gonna be real here for a sec, also a little back story, so I am 18, straight female and I have never had a boyfriend. (I know shocker) but tbh that's just me, it's not a bad thing I just see it as my time hasn't come yet (this will be a different article)

So I am a college student and the major that I was studying in was having a trip to another country along with some of the other creative departments within the college. So my friend, let's call her Emily was talking to a guy let's call him R, obviously I was a good friend and was just standing there and listening to their conversation, just small talk.

He didn't notice me at this point, but we land in the other country, everyone is tired and things and we go exploring of the city, it was fun and by this point I am tired so I try to have a sleep but didn't work out.
Later that night the group we was with went to a club (I am a person who does NOT like clubs) but I didn't wan't to be alone so for the sake of it I went anyway, later on I notice that Emily has had way too many to drink and I have a ridiculous headache.

The teacher that was in charge of our group said that everyone looked tried and we should head back, as we did I went to find Emily but couldn't find her (good thing I had the bag with the room key in it) I then see that she is with the other girls of the group and she is ok.

As we are walking back I feel someone walk beside me, looking up it was R.
Now I know him a little I know that he is good friends with Emily, as we are walking he asked if I was ok because I looked a little sad. I told him that I was just tired and I want to go to bed.

R doesn't say anything after just happily walks beside me, as we get to the train station he still stands with me at the platform and asks me another question.

"I saw you in the club by yourself, you didn't seem to be enjoying yourself also you wasn't drinking" he said to me. I reply with that clubs are not my thing and I don't really like to drink either.

He was respectful at my answer and said that ya'know everyone has their personal preference of what they like to do for fun. And that was it for the first day.

the following days things started to happen like he stared to look out for me when the group went out, he also chose to come sit next to me whenever we was eating or in general talking. I didn't think nothing of it but Emily kept teasing at how he liked me, obviously I didn't believe her but I did kinda like him a little.

But I knew that it's gonna be one of them soppy love things where the guy and girl get together while they are away and when they return home they break up.

There was one night where I was talking to one of my guy friends (lets call him O ) so me and O where sitting in the lobby of the hotel just having a good chat, when I saw R outside with some of this friends, looking at me through the glass window.

He smiled at me and waved me to come outside, I was cautious but I went out anyway ( as O was on the phone to his girlfriend at this point) outside we made small talk and I shivered a little because it was cold and I only had a thin jumper on, R sees that I was cold and he hugged me. Ngl I kinda liked it.

I kept telling myself not to fall for him because it wasn't gonna last, anyway on our final night there we was sitting in the lobby, I was talking to Emily and then R comes over and sits so close to me that our thighs where touching. I was a little surprised that he sat so close but I (surprisingly) kept my cool.

Again we made small talk and he asked for my phone number so we could keep in touch after this trip, so I gave it to him and while we was exchanging numbers we where incredibly close, like our faces where and there was a moment but I pulled away.

At the airport,
We sat with each other at the airport, and he wanted to get to know me and vice versa, it was a good talk. When we landed I was the first one to go because my ride was already there and I had to drop Emily off home too.

I got in the car and on my way home, when I got a text from R, to sum it up, he was happy that he met me and how well we got on together and he hopped that we could be friends and see each other outside of college.

I thought it was sweet and he put double xx at the end of the text, I thought it was a mistake that he did that. But it wasn't. I reply with something similar and only put one x at the end.
Emily asked me who I was texting so I showed her the text, Emily got a little jealous at how sweet he was to me and she said that he never does that to her when they text.

The following weeks moving on from the trip where good R always sent me a good morning text which gave me the thought that he liked me and I was kinda falling for it.
One night I built up the courage to ask him if he wanted to come to a shopping centre (Mall) with me and he happily accepted.

The so called 'date' as my parents and Emily teased me about went well, we talked about anything, laughed and joked and it was good, when we got back from the Mall we stood there just saying thanks for a good night and at this point I thought that this was the moment in the movies where maybe get a first kiss?

But I was being hopeful it ended in a short hug.
That night he texted saying that he generally had a good time and we should do it again. Little did I know that would be the only time.

We texted after but it slowly started to die off, it got to a point where he didn't text for a good few weeks, I thought that he was busy (he did have a job) so I texted asking if he was ok? he was good.

Again another few weeks past and nothing, I was ok about it a little on the skeptical side but eh.. it wasn't until Emily let it slip to our teacher that I had been talking to R (the teacher that I have he also teaches R)
Teacher was interested and wanted to know more, so I gave him a very short summery of what happened and how he hasn't been talking to me for a few weeks.

Then he let it slip that R has been talking to another girl and they seem pretty serious.

I was a little heartbroken, a bit upset that I obviously wasn't what R wanted and I was just some passing time girl. So I stopped texting him I even blocked him on Snapchat because I didn't want to see him or his story.

I was nearly over R and I told myself that I just wasn't meant to be.
Until one week where Teacher wanted my help with something and I agreed, but what I didn't realise that R would be in the class, that I was helping in. facepalm

As i'm helping setting up, R comes over and gives small talk, I just smile and get back to work. After the session ended I was talking to one fo my friends who was apart of the class and I hadn't seen her in a long time.
However as I was talking to her I could see R hovering by, I ignore it.

Going over to my bag to pack my things away, I turn around and R is standing there, I give small talk to him and we stand there awkwardly, it looked like he wanted to say something to me but he didn't and I will never know if he did or not.

And that is my story of how I thought I was finally getting somewhere with someone that I liked but I just wasn't for them.

Jokes on him because he missed out on a amazing person. Me.

(If you guys would like more or any more story times then please let me know)