So life just stress me out in these days. love drama.....
I decided to write it down because I'm always hanging on WeHeartIt (i can read it anytime) and if someone has the same issue it may help, at least I hope.

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"I know it's really hard right now but you mustn't give up on yourself! Remember that you don't need other people to be happy. It's not worth it to give up because of him. If he isn't thankful enough for your presence and help then forget him because you deserve someone who loves you.

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Maybe he's not right for you or at least not now. You don't get him but there's something better waiting for you. I believe that good things take time.
You are a queen with or without him. I know it's not easy but you are strong enough to survive it WITHOUT him.
You have to keep going and be patient because the universe has plans for you.

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Never beg to be loved, never beg for someone to stay. If they want to leave let them go. Some people have a special place in your heart but not in your life. Walk away with your head held high. You deserve so much better.

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Songs that can help:

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Adele -- Rolling In The Deep
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Beyoncé -- Don't Hurt Yourself
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Katy Perry -- Roar
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Ariana Grande ft. iggy Azalea -- Problem
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Pink -- So What
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Anne-Marie -- Ciao Adios
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Demi Lovato -- Confident
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Ella Eyre -- Comeback

2018. 06. 15.