a list of 20 facts about me. it's probably not interesting but i like reading facts about people so here we go !

1 - i'm french and i live at 30 minutes of our famous capital : Paris.

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2 - my name is Amarylis (it's a flower) but everyone call me Ama

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(fun) fact : the flower name has to L (amaryllis)

3 - i was born in 2002 (may, 9)

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(fun) fact : my 4 favorite movies of my birth year : lilo&stitch ; spider man ; spirit ; harry potter 2

4 - i'm a taurus

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and i know your zodiac sign is not an excuse but everything i read about taurus are so true for me!

5 - i'm trying to learn english, spanish (and i'm so bad in spanish !) and i also want to learn italian

6 - i love travelling with my family or with friends ! i went to a lot of country like egypt, spain, italy, england, guadeloupe, mauritus island, tunisia (...)

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(fun) fact : in a month i'm going to italy (again) but this time i'm going to visit venise ! and in august i'm going to mexico!!

7 - my favorite food is chicken nuggets !

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(fun) fact : i'm also addicted to pizza but chicken nuggets are number 1 in my heart

8 - i'm a professional bing watcher !

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(fun) fact : favorite tv show ? sherlock ! / ps : i have an article about my favorite series !

9 - my favorite singer is shawn mendes (i'm probably in love with him but it's fine)

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(fun) fact : i joined the fandom in 2015 !

10 - i have 3 favorite actors : tom hiddleston, tom holland and benedict cumberbatch !

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(fun) fact : i know that fan call this group the holy british trinity but i call them the best british boysband

11 - i'm 5'1
(i know i'm really short...)

12 - i have 1 big sister and 1 little brother (19 years and 11 years)

13 - i hate saying 'sorry'

14 - i want to be a french teacher in canada (or england)

15 - i'm a brunette

16 - i have freckles

17 - i'm wearing glasses all the time

18 - i'm a little bit chubby

19 - i read a lot

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20 - i'm a proud slytherin !

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hope you guys like it ! <3<3