I am Judi, a successful software developer at the leading Xicom Technologies (https://www.xicom.biz) a company that gave me wings to fly and the freedom to put my imagination into the projects. My clients always ask me, “What inspires me?” I answer with a twinkle of pride in my eyes, “It’s my workplace that is truly positive and welcoming to the new ideas I present and this is the beginning of an extraordinary JavaScript project.” It’s the secret that has made me come up with flying colors in my career.

Well, I don’t know about you but it certainly happened to me all the time. I always kept searching for the motivational real life stories which would ignite that little spark in me and inspire me to get out of bed everyday and pursue my dreams.

My dreams? Well yes, after I majored in Information and Technology with JavaScript as my majors, I chose to work at home. I learned so many things sitting from the comfort of my home (Comfort? Not really though.) It’s not a cakewalk to sit at home, finding projects is a grinding task yourself and then comes the real responsibility to do the developing and coding part all by yourself.

When I thought that it was taking a toll on my health, I started with sending my Resume to all the companies I could find that were hiring Java developers. The one which I finally got into was Xicom Technologies Ltd. (that’s my current company also!). Since day one, I have always felt like I wouldn’t have fallen better into the right place as this. The mentors are awesome, their technical skills at various programming languages are beyond excellence! It’s been so many years I joined here and there has been hardly a day which has passed by without teaching me something more useful and extraordinary in my Java development career.

There are trips out to the world where development summits happen and we are everywhere! Why? You may ask.

Well, thanks to the super seniors and senior managers of Xicom Technologies that they would never want their team to let behind of any other developer of any other company. Their words are engraved in my mind- “ Talk is cheap. Show me the code”. Well that was not at all harmful for me when it encouraged me to be the favorite of my clients.

I would say that not only their technical expertise and the professionalism has helped me gain immense knowledge as a Java developer but the relationship the managers build with their counterparts is commendable.

Also my written article is published by Torquemag magazine please have a look https://bit.ly/2ta6elH

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