5 Seconds of Summer: The band most people know for the underwear song (She Looks So Perfect), but they are so much more than that and they have proved that throughout the years. They went on a hiatus and refrained from releasing new music for THREE years. They wanted to perfect this album for their fans and themselves. They poured their hearts and souls into this album and they did not disappoint. This album shows their maturity as a band and as people. Now I know you're probably not interested in hearing me ramble on about them and how much I love them so I'll get straight to the music.

First things first, there is no bad song on this album. Usually, there's a song or two on an album that isn't your favorite and that you don't mind skipping over but that's not the case for this album. Every song is good. Every. Single. Song. This album has me feeling things that I normally don't feel. Ghost of You, for example, is making me cry as I type this. Each song is affecting me in different ways and each song resonates with me differently. I assure you that if you listen to this album you will fall in love with 5SOS, whether it be for the first time or all over again. You can find at least one song that will stick with you I know that for a fact.

I highly recommend this album to everyone who reads this and if you happen to be a member of the 5SOSfam I just wanna say hi and that if you ever want to fangirl over them or this album I'm free to do so.

I love you all,
(p.s. buy or stream Youngblood you will not regret it)