From dark circles that reach to the shoulders or swollen eyelids and the most fearsome ... UNEXPECTED GRAINS!
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Through these tricks, which I have taken from several websites (Recognized) and also because I have done mostly these tips, and it has worked. But since we all do not have the same type of skin, it may not work for you, or only half. If you notice a severe problem that you can not control, I advise you to visit a dermatologist ... Let's start!

Reddened cheeks

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Also called dilated capillaries
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1- Use soothing masks such as Avène's soothing moisturizer or with rose cream
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2-Corrective makeup
  • Use a yellow concealer with soft touches
  • Seal with very fine compact powders

Eyelids and swollen face

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  • Alternating hot and cold compresses on the face or pass an ice cube across the face
  • Eyelid creams
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Bags and Dark circles

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Tips to reduce inflammation and prevent them from getting dark:
  • Water
  • Tea Bags
  • Cold Milk
  • Cucumber
  • Rose Water
  • Sleep
  • ice (again)*
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This can happen to anyone. Last minute grain (that is, a red, inflamed and / or internal pimple).
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Tea tree oil
  • Use the concealer the same shade of your skin with soft touches and spread it on the ends of the granite
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All these little things that sometimes do not come out unexpectedly, it's a natural thing not to die. Remember the dark circles, acne, stretch marks, among others ... They are natural things, from our body you must learn to live with them.
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I loved this article, the next one will be about different types of masks!

If you arrive here, THANK YOU! Taking the time to read another of my articles means a lot to me and inspires me to continue writing. Always remember to smile and give kindness to the world. xx