wassup, i'm jj and this is my abc tag (:

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A- age- 13 years old

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i was born on March 9th, 2005

B- best feature- i'm very caring for others and other things way more than an average person, and that makes me very determined and have a lot of faith (like taking care of the planet)

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C- color- my favorite color is the whole rainbow(: but to pick favorites i would say lime green, blues, and scarlets

D- deepest regret- not getting Cheetos when i had the chance),:

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E- every day starts with- stretching, and binge-watching Emma chambie, Dolan twins, Liza Koshy (they're frikin amazing)

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F- favorite show- THE OFFICE IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD. (i've never shipped anyone harder than Jim and Pam..except maybe Liza and David... lol)

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i'm literally wheezing at these photos i cant
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G- goal in life- to make a positive difference in the world.

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H- height- very close to 6ft

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see what i did there..you know this is a quote about measurement haha i'm so clever

I- in love with... spongebob

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J- job of my dreams- i have a whole bunch but 2 is internet star and artist(including performing arts) in general, i want to make the earth and people happy(:

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K- kids i want- i want at least 2 children and i want to have (at least 1 time) multiple children at once, like twins... it's like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone lol

L- last thing i ate- chicken with yellow rice and beans (i'm puerto rican so it's like what i eat every day lol)

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eating is a giant love and passion of mine

M- magic power i want- the power to have any power...

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anybody remember the beloved sailor moon

N- number of siblings- 2. both older brothers. i like to think my mom kept trying until she had the perfect child.

O- one favorite song- gasolina by daddy yankee gets me really krunk

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P- person last texted- my beloved mom...i love you mami

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Q- question i am always asked- if i'm sisters with people that look nothing like me but white people have this tendency to think all brown people look the same lol

R- reasons to smile- spongebob, this fuzzy blanket that i'm cuddling with at the moment, my hilarious mommy, Emma Chamberlain, lotss of things my dudes

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S- sexuality- for now, i'm pretty sure i'm straight..i mean i'm only 13 so i still have a lot of self-growth

T- time i wake up- naturally around 7 or 8 but in schooltime i wake up at 6 or 5:30 with an alarm clock... who am i kidding i'm lazy when it comes to getting up to school so 8 in school time.

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so i guess this means when all i did a couple days ago was eat trolli gummies all day watching Netflix and i enjoyed it that i wasn't wasting my life

U- underwear color- this is awkward and something i'd rather not say but imma just say its one of my favorite colors..

V- vacation area- puerto rico

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i love puerto rico so much, its one of my homes

W- worst habit- ummm probably letting extremely chipped nail polish on for forever lol (and being overly loud when it isn't ya know necessary lol)

X- x-rays iv'e had- when i sprained my left ankle in volleyball(i didn't shed a tear cuz i'm a man..literally)

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Y- your favorite drink- cream soda, dr.pepper, blueberry fanta

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Z- zodiac sign- first try to guess just close your eyes real quick.......IM A PROUD pisces

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welp that was my abc tag (: ill have a youtube video based on this... thanks for reading and i hope you have an absolutely amazing day or night depending on wherever you are...always remember your beautiful. PEACE!!!! p.s. i hope i made you laugh or smile (:(: