• Doctor Who
aesthetic and suit image theme, blue, and tumblr image tardis image clock image
  • Merlin
sword image merlin image book, old, and magic image knight image
  • Sherlock
suit and black image Image removed boy, crying, and eye image music and violin image
  • Supernatural
aesthetic, supernatural, and castiel image supernatural aesthetic, aes supernatural, and tv supernatural image alternative, black, and dark image aesthetic, dark, and grunge image
  • Hannibal
blood, vampire, and dark image Image by julide man and suit image art and skull image
  • Agent Carter
ladysuzanne image newspaper, aesthetic, and nails image girl, heart, and tyler shields image Image by dollita
  • Daredevil
sunglasses, black, and glasses image daredevil and netflix image daredevil, Marvel, and neon image aesthetic, punch, and band aid image
  • Breaking Bad
money, rich, and green image Image by julide aesthetic, blue, and chemistry image gun image
  • Jessica Jones
hands, white, and black image girl and style image camera, photography, and sony image Image by no bad vibes
  • Orphan Black
Image by AboveWeird aesthetic, clones, and edit image Image by larksings serie, tv, and orphan black image
  • Shameless (US)
police, grunge, and ghetto image carl, debby, and fiona image food and vintage image money, drugs, and marijuana image
  • Orange Is The New Black
prison and suicide squad image police, aesthetic, and car image the 100, clarke griffin, and bellamy blake image 1940s, agent carter, and aesthetic image
  • Game Of Thrones
dragon and game of thrones image wolf, animal, and black and white image badass, pretty, and arya stark image armor image
  • Sense8
aesthetic, bambi, and alternative image Image by greysarfati aesthetic image art, museum, and aesthetic image
  • Mr. Robot
question, grunge, and quotes image whiterose, mr robot, and mr robot aesthetic image city, aesthetic, and grunge image robot, emotions, and cyberpunk image
  • Misfits
sky, lightning, and storm image art, graffiti, and paint image chips, header, and vending machine image season6 and sciles image
  • The Wire
weed, drugs, and ghetto image france, police, and voiture image call, old fashioned, and phone image money, luxury, and rich image
  • Downtown Abbey
fashion image tea and cup image interior image fashion, male, and tweed image
  • Vikings
cup and rings image axe, black and white, and grey image black and white, boat, and nordic image Image by bubs
  • Sons Of Anarchy
harley-davidson image aesthetic, usa, and america image aesthetic, art, and grunge image gun, black, and grunge image
  • Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks image 90's, aesthetic, and alternative image diane, fbi, and Twin Peaks image aesthetic, red, and restaurant image
  • Skins (UK)
party, alcohol, and drink image 90s, indie, and black image smoke, cigarette, and grunge image friends, grunge, and night image
  • The Following
theme, dark, and edgar allan poe image blood and scary image raven image pretty image
  • Six Feet Under
la, six feet under, and tv image six feet under image lauren ambrose, Michael C. Hall, and six feet under image box set, gift set, and dvd image
  • Gilmore Girls
coffee, tea, and drink image book, aesthetic, and bag image teen wolf, jeep, and stiles stilinski image game, scrabble, and vintage image
  • Firefly
desert image art, hair, and hand image planet, stars, and space image boots, cowboy, and horses image
  • My Mad Fat Diary
yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image beach, friends, and sea image rose, grunge, and jacket image music, grunge, and vintage image
  • 13 Reasons Why (only the 1st season, lol)
drink, party, and red image 90's, aesthetic, and cassette image fml and 13 reasons why image popcorn, food, and vintage image
  • Person Of Ineterest
poi and root image couples, flower, and mess image computer, virus, and aesthetic image gray, grey, and surveillance image
  • Harper's Island
escape, green, and home image ax, barn, and farm image police image forest image
  • The Killing
the killing, mireille enos, and sarah linden image