Hello Earthlings! It's Alexis and I'm back after one day break from WE heart It. Thanks for all the support on my articles and I'm very thankful for it! I watched week two of the course with Tim JP Collins and I learned some new things, I'd love to share! All credit goes to him!


We all need skills. Skills are things that help us and make us feel good. For example, working a muscle or working out. If you want to have strength and etc.. you need to work out. It can be hard, but you have to devote to it. Let's say you wanna work on social skills. From this, you can start off by complimenting a stranger. Having social skills will help beat social anxiety. The other day, I went out to eat at a little fast-food place. All the booths were taken, so I was forced to sit at a table. I was anxious, I'm not going to lie, but after socializing on and off, It helped. You should try distracting yourself, even if it can be a pain in the a**.

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You want to learn how to talk with your Anxiety. It can be hard, I understand. It may seem childish and seem insane, but finding ways to talk with your Anxiety can BE HELPFUL. They're called the 2 C's.
You want to speak Anxiety with Curosity and Compassion.
(Probably just misspelled but whatever)

You have to engage with your Anxiety to make a difference. You can't try to avoid it and pull away. Try your best, even if it's small steps.

ASK YOURSELF (Curosity) :

-I wonder why this is showing up?
-Is there any REAL threat in this moment?
-Is there any reason why I might be truly anxious besides my thoughts?
-What have I eaten and drank recently?

Replace your fear with Curosity, my friend!

For the compassion side, many people blame themselves and beat themselves up when Anxiety shows up, saying things like:

"I'm so weak/stupid/ugly"
"No one else struggles like me!"
"What a loser/idiot/failure I am"

You wanna bring a new mindset and thought process, which will be hard! Just say and ask yourself:

-maybe I need a break or nap
-Am I working myself too hard? I just need to take a breath, I'm doing the best I can
-Did I eat or drink anything today, if SO what did I eat or drink?

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Are you loving yourself? Say "I love myself" a lot more. It may sound cheesy, but you got to have self-love! Self-Love can impact with relationships and thoughts shockingly!

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Changing the Environment

This seems like the most IMPOSSIBLE thing to do. Environment doesn't have to be classified as nature, it's around you. This can be people and things causing Anxiety on a regular basis.

Let us get to the part about people causing Anxiety. If you are ever with certain people that create your Anxiety, that's when you should change your Environment. I've found myself having Anxiety with close people a lot, then going to big places with other people ACTING fine. I'd get a little nervous, but I felt safe.

"You are the average of the 5 people you spend time with."
-Jim Rohn (It's mainly considered a business quote)

This quote may be considered a business quote, but you can read this and consider it REALLY a real quote. If you hang with certain people, and find yourself not acting like you normally do, then you need to CHANGE your ENVIRONMENT. I've realized that within the past 3 years, my whole attitude and personality has changed because of people influencing me. I've been surrounded by Negative Nancy's so, it makes sense!

Also, if you grew up just watching and listening to negative news, IT CAN AFFECT YOUR LIFE. Being around negative or listening to Negativity, WILL do something to you. Whether it's harm your mental health or thoughts, it does something.

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Change is incremental and hard, but you must START to have anything change.

-who decides to turn the bad?
-When will things be different?
-should I set out to change my life today?

these are questions many people ask before changing or at least think. You must commit to change. You have to decide how you'll turn the negative crap in your life. Once you commit, you'll see when things will change and be different. You absolutely should start change, Change can be hard, trust me, I don't deal good with change.

According to this one article called the 1% rule, which I don't personally remember the author, but here:

"Habits don't change in a day, but trying each day, you're getting 1% a day. The reason why is they work if you do little each day. You have to have permission to improve, so allow yourself to improve to see change. If you insist, I need to change NOW, It won't work. You have to let time tell. Less Anxiety, More Life -- Well Being Checklist."
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When we first encounter Anxiety we feel that many things are out of our control, but THERE ARE LOTS of things we can CONTROL. These things create a great foundation for the recovery process of Anxiety.

Step 1: Choose your daily practices!

Well-being is the MAIN COURSE of things that contributes to the quality of your life. This means Leisure Time, Relaxation, Health, Mindset, and Nutrition. Decide on the top ten rituals to perform on a daily basis, which this may seem dark, since the world RITUAL is mainly know for Satanic related things.


Step 2: Track Process Daily

Write down the ten things you do each day and what you feel at the end of the day. It's almost like a journal entry, so it's helpful!

Step 3: Make Score Goal:

Some of the realizations people learn is how much they don't take care of themselves, so you need to remember to learn self-care to help. Wash your face, drink water, eat something healthy each day, brushing your teeth, going outside, being fit, and etc.. are examples of self-care.

Thanks for reading!!