Ok, new time... it's 9:21 am and I'm on my second article...too soon ? like really too soon, like dating for two days and saying I love you too soon ? well too bad because I came back and I literally had no likes, not even one! And trust me mines does not count. But whatever no downers. So its day two of my summertime break and I already miss school (no I'm not a nerd) it's just that school keeps me entertained for 8hrs of the day. Those are the hours that I don't have to find anything to do because I'm already occupied. Now as far as entertainment goes this is it for now and I have nothing to write about! Bummer! You guys are absolutely no help. So as farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away from many likes I am I need inspiration which is totally easy to find on this site 🤣 Ive decided to write about myself. the next article I write will be called 22 things I enjoy and love! kinda corny but hey it's starter because I need a not so bummer ssummer!It will be posted sometime tonight or maybe later own idk guess you gotta stay tuned!