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I know I'm probably a little (a lot) late for this, but I've been wanting to write this article since I first saw the challenge and I haven't had time to do it until now.

I can't give credits for this challenge because I really don't know who started it, but thanks for this amazing idea to whoever did it!

Enjoy it!

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♥ Name

My name would be Ellie. I just think it's a beautiful name and it's the name of one of my favourite characters at the moment. It means "light", which makes it even more beautiful.
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♥ Age

I guess I would be 18. I think it's a great age for a character because you are still young, but you are becoming an adult. You are trying to figure out your life, and your future is full of possibilities.
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♥ Personality

I've always thought about myself as a Rory Gilmore, so I guess I would be like her. I would be a girl who loves reading, always with my nose in a book. I would be a little shy, but not so much. I would be smart, with lots of curiosity about everything and big dreams about my future.
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♥ Style

I would have a simple and delicate style.
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♥ Home

I would live in the countryside. I would love nature, I would be the kind of person that goes to the forest for long walks. I would walk by the river and listen to the sounds of nature.
I would live in a small house, with my parents, and I would have a brother or a sister (I'm an only child and I've always wanted a sibling haha). We would be a happy family.
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♥ Storyline

My story would start with a big trip. Maybe I would move abroad for college, maybe I would go to travel the world by myself. I don't know what kind of trip, but I'm sure my story would start with one. I would meet interesting people, some of them would become my best friends, others would teach me life lessons.
I would also fall in love and have a super romantic love story. I would probably have to face many obstacles but the story would have a happy ending.
I will live big adventures and I will learn and discover lots of things.
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