Haii , I know I don ' t have very many followers but then again I have just started on this app and have hardly had any time to expand upon the people of whom I am in contact with. I ' ve just decided to write a little about myself , not because I ' m full of myself , but because I feel like online , there are so many of us and we all get grouped and clumped together by what and who we appear to be and our true values and beliefs get blurred out by a shorter version of what society wants to believe. So , I will not be writing anything actually about myself in this article , aside from maybe what you can already comprehend from my writing , but I am going to be writing short things about myself so you guys can get to know me , not because I think you ' ll care , cuz I ' m sure you won ' t , but because I care. Also because it ' s interesting for me to make and start new in a world full of people who don ' t actually know me and aren ' t going to judge based upon who I am in person , for you don ' t know me in person I don ' t think. Another thing is I find it interesting to look at the people I follow and really feel like I know them even though we may have never even engaged on a one - on - one conversation. Really , it is just my preference of sharing my views because only so much can be really discovered from what I like and my collections , for it is only a part of me and there is so much more hidden to the surface. It could also help form connections with other people who I wouldn ' t know otherwise , more than likely. So , this is how I am going to share information and I will be sharing blogs often. I hope you enjoy my page.