Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Love- An intense feeling of deep affection

I never knew what love felt like until I finally experienced it. In a relationship, the smallest things can mean the whole world and fill your heart with all the happiness in the world. From holding the napkin as you spit chicken that had too much fat on it, to holding you tightly in the dollar tree isle, even to the way someone puts all their attention on you when you speak your mind. My heart melts as if it's way too much love to handle in my little body but I love it oh so much. The saying love is a drug is most definitely true. As the days pass the rollercoaster that I am on, is only going up which brings me so much joy and hopefulness that it never goes down, ever. It's strange and unknown to me that someone can bring you so much joy because your own self should do that for you but putting my happiness with you is the best feeling ever.

I love you like how the moon loves the night sky.