hey guys, this is my first article ever on whi, and i'm writing this article to tell y'all about kpop groups i stan and other stuff ...


ok,..WELL, let me tell y'all that this group is my fav kpop group ever, because they all get me into kpop reeeeaally into kpop, i also love they because they are so freakin cute, funny, sweet and they also make my day with their happy (gay) moments, they are everything to me ~

beautiful, girls, and twice image
thanks to cheer up era, i got to watch their mv and get to know them more then in tt era ps :they are all shining bright here ~

i love their pics somuch they are so heart-warming, :

twice, kpop, and momo image momo, twice, and sana image twice, mina, and jihyo image twice, mina, and chaeyoung image
they are all so c u t e, i'm soft ~ coming soon ....

my collections

here's my fave collection i get inspiration from :

i know it seems like a collection of old stuff but i put alot of aesthetics in it too !


this is one necessary information...

Green tea is green
— Minatozaki Sana

more ....

i also have some ideas about writing more articles including :

  • reactions
  • fics
  • about me

That's all for now!

i know it's a *ucked up article ..i'm still a rookie tho ..i think i want to write more ... coming soon ..