Hey guys! So heres a list of my favourite youtbers !!:

Shane Dawson

youtube, shane dawson, and youtuber image youtube, shane dawson, and garrett watts image
So Shane is literally my life. im obsessed with him and his squad. i love his project videos you really see his heart and his true intentions which is to help people. He is also the reason im obsessed with conspiracy theories !.

Dan and Phil ( Their gaming channel and also their own Individual channels !)

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Dan and Phil are my angels tbh. im in love with them. i love their gaming channel especially their sims series and i also love their own channels.

Heyitsthalia ( Hey Its Thalia )

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Thalia is amazing i love her. i found discovered her channel when one of her monthly music playlist was recommended to me by youtube and I've been obsessed ever since!!!! she's so down to earth, her personality is amazing and she's so freaking adorable omfg.


youtube and youtuber image youtube and youtuber image
So Imogen is not a well known youtuber but she changed my life more than anyone ever has. She helped me gain confidence in myself, she made me love myself, embrace my self ( even the weird side) and most importantly the way she loves her family encouraged me to be closer to my family. i started watching her last summer and by the end of the summer i was a completely different person because of her.

Summer Mckeen

summer mckeen image summer mckeen, blue eyes, and cute image
Summer is such a bubbly and happy person with such good vibes. she always lifts my mood up !

so this is only part one, its currently 2 am and i really want to write more but i gotta go to sleep lmao so part 2 will come soon !