I read the article of @chvnnx and well... I decided to do that tag too... Yeah, very original I know

So let's begin :)
1- Top 10 Kpop group :
- BTS,
- NCT (if I have to choose for one unit, 127),
-Block B
-Red Velvet,

2- Top 5 bias :
- Kim Taehyung (BTS)
- Mark (NCT)
- Suga(BTS)
- GD (Bigbang)
- Zico (block B)

3- Ubias :
Kim Taehyung (very original you may think ironicly but it's been a looong time since I like Kpop and BTS, I saw them growing up lol )

bts, v, and taehyung image

4- First song I ever listened to :
Face- NU'EST (when Min Hyun was still here and not in wanna one)

5- Top 5 girl group
- Red Velvet
- Stellar
- Wonder girl
(no one said that the groups should be actual 'cause 3 of these groupe are disband... sad, I know so let's say: Red Velvet, Mamamoo, Exid, Blackpink, G-Idle

6- Top 5 boy group
- Ikon

7- Your fav. song from BTS :
It's called torture !! ah! can't choose!! maybe Let me know, or Born Singer, or Young forever, or Nevermind (let's say these are my fav.)

8- Ultimate MV from BTS :
Blood Sweat and Tears

9- Your Ubias female ver :
Lisa (Blackpink)

10- Your Ubias male ver.:
Still the same as before, Kim Taehyung (BTS)

11- How long have you been into K-pop :
Since 2012, so it's been... Just realised it's been 6 f***ing years...

12- Your least fav. group :

13- Least fav. song by favorite group :
So what

14- Best K-pop dancer
Difficult choice, maybe (probably ?) J-hope, or Taeyeong (NCT)

15- in your opinion who in kpop has the best rapping skills ?
Why so many complicated questions??!! RM and Suga, Bobby and Mino and Zico (couldn't choose sorry but they're all very talented)

16- Fav vocalist
Chen (exo) or Jimin (BTS), and for the girls : Solar (mamamoo) and joy (red velvet) and Hani (exid) (I love their voices but I'm not saying they're the best)

17- Fav. leader
Humm... Rap Monster and maybe Suho (makes me laugh so much ah...)

18- fav maknae
Lisa (blackpink) and Haechan (NCT)

19- Fav visual
Eh guys...

20- your fav rapper
B.I. and RM and Suga (not August D 'cause, not the same style)

21- which member of exo do you find the hottest

22- Favorite K-drama
Well... I saw about 100 kdramas so it's gonna be complicated........ (a few hours later...).................... Goblin and My love from the stars (if there are crazy people like me, please let me know)

23- your fav kpop idol who have starred in a k drama
Park Hyung Sik (ZE:A) he played in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Hwarang...

24- BTS or EXO
BTS (if you still did'nt understand BTS is my favorite group)

25- Twice or Blackpink

26- Do you own any merch ?
Young forever and You Never Walk Alone albums (BTS), Rebirth album (nu'est) and a few posters

27- Ever gone to a kpop concert ?
They don't go to France pretty much so hum... no and BTS tickets were sold out in like 3 minutes for Paris. Sad. So sad.

28- Your top Otps ?
I don't take it seriously or anything so...

29- if you could switch bodies with any kpop idol who would it be ?
Hyuna or Sunmi (they're so beautiful)

Image removed kpop, sunmi, and icons kpop image

30- what position in a kpop group do you think you would have ?
Leader (can't do anything else actually) or maknae

31- whats your fav music video ?
Blood Sweat and Tears (BTS) it's so beautiful...

32- A song that makes you happy :
Her - Block B (and all songs that were released during summer 2014, don't ask why)

33- K-pop ? K-Rock ? k-indie ? K-hip hop ?
K-pop and Hip Hop

34- What song do you listen when you're upset ?
Hum... Idk, I usually don't get upset, but it could be Silver spoon (BTS) or any hip hop song (and something aggressive)

35- A song that remind you of someone ?

36- Fave fanart of your bias ?
The one one of my friend did for me but it wasn't fan art, she just draw Taehyung

37- What other music do you listen to other than K-pop ?
Frank Ocean, H.E.R, Drake, Lana Del rey, The week'nd and old 70s groups like The Zombies and a lot of classical music like Debussy, Chopin,Vivaldi (sounds strange i know)

That's a this moment, when you realise you must have skipped some questions but it's f***ing late and you just wanna sleep so... There will only be 37 questions but if you have more questions for this kpop tag, I'm open to it :)