Some shit happened yesterday.
So, in my country there's a debate about doing abortion legal, safe and free for everyone who may need it. And I go to a catholic school, and of course they give us talks about how abortion is wrong and it shouldn't be legal and all that (just to be clear I am in favor of abortion).
A teacher was talking about it and she gave her opinion (let's get real, she is really sexist and foment stereotypes). Then someone ask what did she think about Florencia De La V (an amazing trans woman from my country) and the teacher said that SHE was a man and shouldn't give her opinion about it and my classmates were agreed with her. Then she started saying (without reason) that she was cool with gay people and that she has lesbians and gay friends BUT that doesn't mean that they are normal.
And I was sitting with one of my best friends (who is also part of the community). We usually write notes in english so anyone can't read it and we were like "wtf is she saying". She said a lot of HOMOPHOBIC, TRANSPHOBIC AND BIPHOBIC shit and I started feeling anxious. Before that class, we already had one with other teacher about abortion and when she said that if there's people in the classroom that are in favor of abortion, they can leave if they want to. And I leave.

What happened next is that a classmate starts doing a few transphobic jokes about Florencia De La V and she agrees with him and makes more jokes about HER. So, I told my best friend via the english notes "if she says one more thing I am gonna fucking leave".
She said something that I don't wanna write and then I stand up, started picking up my stuff while two of my friends were trying to calm me down. I walked to the door and said "I am leaving".
I arrive to preceptory crying. I called my mom to pick up (she told that if I had any other trouble because of my opinion I can tell her). She arrives and asks for talk to the teacher.
While they were talking, my best friend comes to me and asks me why did I leave and then tells me that the teacher was SO confused. And one of our friends said "she felt kind of touched because she is a lesbian" AND SHE SAID IT IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS (my friend doesn't know that a I'm also non binary, only two people know and now I am definitely not going to tell her).
I arrive home. I said to my mom that something happened beside abortion.
I told her (didn't say the non binary part, baby steps) even though it was really hard. She said that the shitty teacher have already told her. She says that she is cool with it but I think it makes her kinda of uncomfortable.
Let's get back to the desgraciada that outed me.
I was going to tell my classmates when pride month was over (even though she didn't know that, she had no right to told the whole class, and she calls herself an ally). One of my closest friends that knew about it, always when I meet new people he is like "she is Alex, she is fourteen, likes books and she is a dyke" and I am so sick of that. A lot of my friends makes jokes about my sexuality and some of the teachers say a bunch of comments that you shouldn't say in front of young students that are discovering themselves, fomenting hate and discrimination. And I am doing a list of teachers and classmates who made feel discriminated (already have two pages with no space) and I am gonna give it to the study coordinator (he also said some homophobic shit so he is in the list). He saw me crying and told me that if I need anything I could talk to him.
I haven't talk to anybody yet (besides my mom and one of my best friends, who is a truly ally, if you see this, amor mío, thanks for always being there).
Only a few people in the classroom knew about it. And now everybody knows and I had to tell my mom even though I was not ready. I feel really anxious about it.
Like, my "best friend" who supposedly is an "ally and fully support the community" told everybody and then she excuses herself saying that "everyone knew anyway". I'm so mad I can't even see her. But I'm really scared of what is going to happen. Because she said it in front of everyone and of course all the chusmas heard it.
I missed classes today.
I'm so tired.
And really sad.
But I think I am gonna go tomorrow.
I'm really scared.