Hey hearters! Today's article is one of the most stripped and candid articles I have written so far. Here I am sharing my opinions on the modeling and fashion industry with you, as I continue my journey down those career paths. These are a collect of some of the things I have witnessed and noticed about these industries. I would to hear your opinions on the topic, and if you shared these thoughts with anyone else who might be interested or feel as though they don't have a voice in this industry. Thank you!


I want to be a model, and by that, I don't mean just any model. Now, I'm not asking to be Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell,, because I want to be my own version of a model.

They way the industry is today, may seems as if its getting better, but in reality it is heading in the wrong direction.The top selling brands and head agencies all look for someone who is tall and slender. Often the sketches and outlines of the most famous fashion designers, are of people who are about 10 or even 11 heads tall, while the average person is only 7 heads tall.

I understand however, that a brand wants to keep up with its look, and a tall body is easier to work with but, if you really want the public to e=wear your clothes and support your brand, you really need to start looking at what your consumers look like.

People come in all different shapes and sizes, that aren't recognized in the fashion industry. And although recently, there has been a growing number of plus sized models, they still aren't receiving the same opportunities as the more slender models.

This is not to hate against people who are tall and slender, because I am a firm believer that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. However, as I venture off into my career, the more I witness the unbalanced image of what real women look like, the more frustrated I become.

I want to put an end to the era of celebrity children, and only the tallest and skinniest being the only ones receiving the attention and credit for their hard work. I want everyone, no matter the height, race, age, or size, to be able to stand together on a runway and brace the cameras with the fiercest striking pose.