BURMESE DAYS by George Orwell

You probably heard about 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell but this is my favourite. It's about an English man who lives in India during colonial times. I adore this book. Also, it's one of two books I recommend when someone asks me.

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“Beauty is meaningless until it is shared.”

WAYS OF GOING HOME by Alejandro Zambra

That author is Chilean and still alive- I think, that an author I like isn't dead is very special for me because there is always a chance to meet him/her, furthermore, s/he knows and writes -not always of course- about our time. Whatever, this book is so cute and short. I highly recommend it to you to meet a different culture.

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THE FALL by Albert Camus

Camus! I'm really in love with him. I adore all of his books but this one is so particular. As I mentioned above, this is the other book I always recommend.

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"I once knew a manufacturer who had a perfect wife, admired by all, and yet he deceived her. That man was literally furious to be in the wrong, to be blocked from receiving, or granting himself, a certificate of virtue. The more virtues his wife manifested, the more vexed he became. Eventually, living in the wrong became unbearable to him. What do you think he did then? He gave up deceiving her? Not at all. He killed her."

OBLOMOV by Ivan Goncharov

You may already know how Russian Literature is gorgeous. This book is one of them. The character Oblomov is such extremely lazy that you will find a part from yourselves at him.

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MRS. DALLOWAY by Virginia Woolf

Actually, I haven't read this book yet but it's on my list. I really wonder it because I've never read a book by Virginia Woolf and it's shame of me.

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