hey there!! this is my first article on here and since it's pride month i wanted to share my coming out story with u guys 💖

i came out to my parents on june 11th of last year. i remember i woke up really early and told my mom i wanted to talk to her, she was pretty surprised because i never really tell my parents "i want to talk"i just, talk. i looked at her and took a deep breath and said, "i like girls" she stared at me and just said, "okay."
i was really surprised by her reaction, my mom is a hardcore Catholic and i thought she was going to play the religion card and attack me or something, but no the rest of the day went pretty normally.

however, later that evening she took me aside and told me i had to tell my dad the next day. personally, i didn't feel ready to tell my dad since he's very different from my mom but the next day i did and it was a huge surprise.

i sat on the carpet floor, my parents were sitting on the couch and i said "dad, i really hope you can understand but i like girls" my mom gasped and acted like she didn't know, she said "how could you do this to us?" and i was just so shocked because i had already told her and she acted pretty accepting, it didn't make sense.

my dad shook his head, he laughed and said "okay, okay you are too funny, you got me there" it hurt me that he really thought it was a joke, that i was joking about something so important. i told him, "no this isn't a joke, this is who i am and i really want your support."

they both had some pretty homophobic reactions, and for the next couple of weeks they were angry and upset at me. my mom played the religion card on me so many times, telling me that god created us man and women blah blah, you know all that stuff. my dad initially reacted extremely negatively but over time he was a bit "normal" with me again.

a year has passed since i came out and my parents are a lot more supportive of me, in their own way. my dad understands that i was really serious about my sexuality and my mom tells me she'll accept me, even if i am a girl who likes girls.

coming out was something extremely important to me and i wanted to share my story with you guys!! thank u so much for reading