I am a "freak", probably not many people understand me and that's ok.
i wear big glasses and have a ton of books, people say that i just want attention,
That i only read because every body does that, i really don't care,
I am a "freak" because my music is not very common,
my gosh people these days don't know about real music, and that's ok.
I am a "freak" because i'm quiet all the time,
I am a "freak" beacuse i fangirl a lot, i am a "freak" because i have online friends,
I am a "freak" because i like boys that don't like me back,
I am a "freak" becuase i don't follow the rules,
Yes, i am a "freak", it's ok, people are always gonna talk shit, so be what you want to be,
it's your life,
be a "freak",
be unique
but most importantly:
be you.


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